At the start of the year we were asked to get involved with a crazy idea from Lewis Crathern, to get the largest ever group of kitesurfers together to smash the current world record. It didnt take us long to accept, we were happily supporting the event as its aim as the Big Charity Downwinder suggests would be raising money, and for two great charities the RNLI and Snow Camp, Obviously one of which is quite prominent with a lot of kitesurfers, I’m sure sadly that most of us in the kitesurfing community know someone who has needed their support at some stage, and we are always very glad when they are there!

As the event grew Flexifoil got onboard as a sponsor which was a great boost, then Virgin later on took over as the main sponsor and rebranded it the “Virgin Kitesurfing Armada”, Its fantastic to have support from such high places and no doubt that the word will get out much more because of all the extra major sponsors that came onboard. We must say first and foremost thanks to everyone that played a part in such an amazing event whether you were in the office, on the beach as a vital steward ensuring our safety, playing a support role or kiting with us it was a mamoth effort without so many people giving up their time we would not have had such a successful day.