Freestyle kiteboarding has been around for many years, infact many decades, I was kiteboarding from 1996 and have been ever since, but it’s understandable that Mpora might question how long the sport has been around seeing as the sport remains quite low profile, but massive thanks goes to the legends at Mpora for distributing our video to the masses! in under a day we’ve had 100,000 views and it seems to be picking up momentum as we speak.

I love kiteboarding, Kite surfing and indeed kite buggying, I’m super happy when my sport gets exposure of any kind and I enjoy nothing more than a fun chilled out session at the beach with everyone pushing their own limits and having a good time, we’re very lucky in our area that we’ve got a hard core group of people who love kiting and encourage others to join in, sign up to our website if your a local, drop me your number and i’ll add you to the “we’re going kiting list”.

If you’re new to the sport then get involved, come on a taster kiteboarding session or commit to a full day or two of kite boarding or kite buggying lessons and we’ll show you the fun that can be had.

This video was filmed at my home spot frinton on sea, A quaint little town in essex, I was born about 300m from the area I am kiting on in the video and although I’ve travelled the world nothing beats a home grown session! The day was grey but the winds were great, if not a little too light for any serious hang time, however with the new North kiteboarding 2016m Rebel we can get Big air time in light wind!


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Lots of love from the PUSH Kiting team!


Cheers, Dave