Sir Richard Branson Kitesurfing from England to France with us.

This weekend will go down as one of the most amazing of my life, here is the video I recorded and edited, with extra footage from Chris R in the heli and some of the other riders on the water with us. Full credits are at Flexifoil, and the biggest thanks goes to them for hooking me up with this opportunity!


On 1st July 2012, Sir Richard Branson achieved the World Record as the Oldest Person to kitesurf from England to France.

Filmed and edited by David Ursell.

This twenty-eight mile challenge was sponsored by Flexifoil International, Virgin Active and The blu.

Sir Richard was joined by six other riders including his very good friend, Maxim Ivanov. The westerly wind was averaging 35mph with gusts up to 45mph. The sun was shining, the waters were crystal clear and it was the perfect day!

The other team members included David Ursell, Andrew Kruszynski, Ryan Austin, Craig Sparkes and Charlie Smith. Flexifoil’s owner, Anthony Van Dort joined Captain Trevor Oldfield Hodge with his crew, Kris Beech and Charlotte Ursell on Sir Richard’s support boat and they were out in front leading the way.

Special thanks to Sarah Sparkes and Ray Sparkes for racing to France in their cars to rescue us all, and bring us home to England.