After nearly 18yrs of kiteboarding and nearly a decade of teaching kiteboarding and kitesurfing lessons near london we still LOVE this sport!
We’ve been waiting so long for good wind, It seems this summer just hasnt wanted to arrive with the usual flurry of Southerly winds that we so crave as kiteboarders on the east coast of england, This week however has been a real turning point as far as kite boarders are concerned, with fantastic onshore SE winds and Southerly winds forecast today we’ve had some really special sessions, steeling time away from work and we’ve had our enthusiasm for the sport boosted as high as ever. These special conditions have given way to some of the more extreme kiteboarding that we in Frinton are so well known for and I am writing this very quickly as I will be heading down to our local spot in a few minutes to get out the Flexifoil Force 13.5m and for one of the first times this year really push the limits of what our power kite flying is all about!

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