The wind has come and we’ve been flying the new Flexifoil ION! We’ve also posted a pictures. As far as Kitesurfing Kites go, these amazing pieces of design are leading the way in performance, stability, construction, price and reliability. These are easily some of the best kitesurfing kites money can buy!

We have the full range of these Kites in our school for kitesurfing lessons, and advanced Kiteboarding lessons, so If you fancy a go on kitesurfing kites that make a real difference to the way you ride give us a call and we’ll hook you up with some Kitesurfing or kiteboarding lessons asap!

We first recieved the 2010 ION 8.5m, 10.5m and 12.5m, and were eager to get them out of the bag and flying, They are really slick looking Kitesurfing kites. They have come in a “pop art pixel” effect is how we chose to describe it, from just a few feet the polka dot pattern seems pretty uniform and to distinguish wording is difficult, however when the kite is at line length the subtle cleverness is revealed, the wording is now as clear as day. Most Kitesurfing kites have very lairy designs, very in your face. This is the first Kite I have seen that involves perspective trickery and I think its quite a fun way to go! Kudos to Flexifoil.

This kite is BOMB PROOF, the PSI testing Flexifoil have done this time is off the charts, well in excess of the pressure a kite pump could produce. bearing this in mind

we just kept pumping up. I’m sure Flexifoil have made this kite so bomb proof as a re assurance but we saw it more as a target. Other kites we pump up hard get to about 8psi which is pretty solid. Once inflated we attached a PSI reader to the kite, and tried pumping, the kite was in excess of 10psi, but by how much, we will never know.

The construction of the kite is super solid, and super tough, you get the feeling the kite will never stretch, warp or flap about. Indeed in the air the kite feels like a solid wing rather than a piece of material supported by what are effectively baloons. Quite how solid this kite can get is pretty amazing.

Pictures of the 2010 ION by PUSH Kiting

Our first flight was in 4mph wind, we made a direct comparison between the ion4 and 2010 ion 12.5m, and sure enough the ion5 was heavier, the ion4 was just about keeping in the air, when the ion 5 was having a few more troubles, flying but wanting to stall more often, this would also be because it was fresh out of the bag and not bedded in yet, the wind wasnt enough to fill the kite and take its shape well.

However when the wind picked up to 10mph, both kites were flying equally well, It seems although the new ION is slightly heavier the more solid frame it produces compensates for this and pushes it forward to newer levels.

When the big winds came we were blown away, quite literally, flying this in 25mph winds, the 12m had bags of de power, but was so solid no matter what you did, the canopy didn’t loose shape or performance, which has made going big even easier! There is a very delicate line to flying a kite that will make all the difference from getting you 10ft or 20ft off the ground, a lot of it is to do with the canopy of the kite being pushed too hard too fast. The canopy on the new Flexifoil Ion is so solid it takes this complexity out of the equation. The only thing is doesn’t have is an auto redirect to bring you back down to earth with such lack of effort (i.e. you still need to re direct to land!)

We are VERY pleased with this kite and cant wait to get our hands on the full quiver as soon as they arrive in the country, More pictures and videos will be posted soon!

Our Friends at Edgeriders are equally as excited about these kites and have all available sizes! Grab one today, you’ll love this kite. If you want a flight, come free ride on a windy Sunday, or book a lesson with us Monday – Saturday!

Cheers, Dave