One Day Group Kitesurfing Lessons

The fun begins, we’ll start by donning the sunglasses, applying the sun cream, and hitting the beach with kites and equipment in hand, once we’ve got the basics we’ll progress to the big blue ocean with a water kite (LEI), and start some very exciting kite skills to set you up for a safe kitesurfing progression.

Look forward to the exciting downwind body drag, one of the most exhilarating parts of the day, using the full power of the kite and flying across the water, the adventures beginning and the possibilities are being revealed.

Kitesurfing Gallery

Kitesurfing can be a fantastically photogenic sport, if only we had crystal blue waters and 35 degrees every day, that’s not always the case but we have just as much passion for the sport and English weather isn’t all bad! Check out our photos from the UK and some from further afield too! As it turns out England is a brilliant place to go kitesurfing with the right knowledge and patience for the best days.

Information and FAQs

What’s the One Day Group Kite Surfing Course?

It is a group course suitable for 3 to 6 people or larger groups with multiple instructors.

Who’s the One Day Group Kite Surfing Course for?

So you’re eager to try kitesurfing, you’ve not got any experience and you’ve got a day off, then jump on this course and get ready to ache! We’ll have you flying land-based kites, understanding theory and safety, and move you to the water as soon as you’re in control of the kite if the weather and group type permit. Group courses are a great way to get experience of kiting. If you are already fully committed to learning kitesurfing then maybe select the 1:1 or 2:1 lesson to get a more thorough understanding. If you want a 1 day group taster then get in touch!

What does it include?

A full day of kiting fun, building on the basics you’d learn in the half-day course incorporating more safety knowledge, more theory and more fun with a kite, we’ll be aiming to get everyone flying kites proficiently on the land.

Information about the One Day Group Kite Surfing Course

  • This course is for 3 to 6 people
  • We have a waiting list for individuals that would like to do a group course if you don’t have 3 other people to join you.  We can’t guarantee we can provide other students, we can, however, run 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 lessons as an alternative.
  • Up to 5 hour course.
  • All equipment provided.
  • This will usually be a land-based lesson depending on the general skills of the entire group

Prices per person

  • Weekdays – £135
  • Weekends – £155


  • No prior knowledge needed.
  • 18 or over OR under 18 accompanied by an adult.
  • Able to swim if required
  • Let us know of any disabilities/injuries you think may affect you flying and we can chat through options.
  • Please come along with a pair of standard shoes, sunglasses
  • If required – swinwear, and a wetsuit boots if you have them.

Special Offers

  • Bring 3 or more friends and you could get a 5% discount off your course Quote “1daySurf5%” when booking!

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We wouldn’t want you to just take our word for it, so here are a few of the wonderful things others have said about this service…

Dave thanks for a great day, taking our first steps towards kiteboarding and maybe kitesurfing. Excellent tuition and great company too. Thanks again Paul and Ellis.
Paul Whitney, Hatfield, Frinton on Sea
I had a one day kitesurfing lesson late last year. I had David as my instructor and his knowledge and patience was second to none. He explained everything in detail yet easy to understand. We hit the water after a bit on training on the land and I caught the bug straight away. I’ve already booked for another day and I have now found a new hobby. If you are thinking of starting any form of sport kite orientated then look no further than here.
Chris Ralph, Ipswich, Clacton on Sea