Kitesurfing coaching from David Ursell

So you’re a kiter and you want to progress. Let’s get you moving! From your first toe side run to complex board offs or multiple rotations too long smooth dark slides, Dave can guide you to the easiest way to step towards your favorite kiteboarding tricks.

Kiteboard advanced coaching lessons are available ALL year round.

These lessons cater from beginner to advanced, each lesson is bespoke and will cater just for your needs and goals.

Whatever you are looking for, feel free to e-mail the team or simply call us on 077360 52967 to book a slot!

Flexibility is our aim, we can cater for all your needs, our kitesurfing lessons can be exactly how you want them, just you, your whole family, a corporate outing or just a group of friends.   Just let us know what you need from the Kite Surfing lessons and we’ll get you kiting in no time!

Kite sports Gallery – Advanced Kitesurf coaching with David Ursell

Once you’re pushing your boundaries, videos and photos can help you progress and we love taking them! check out some of our photos here, and feel free to come along for some advanced coaching and request some photos or videos during the course to see your skills in action.

Information and FAQs

What is the cost of private kitesurfing lessons?

1 to 1 = £60 per hour

2 to 1 = £45 per hour per person

Other options can be made available please email the team for more custom options.

There is a minimum of 3 hours lesson length required for these courses.  For complete beginners, we recommend 4 to 5 hours for your first lesson.

Who are private kitesurfing lessons for?

Anyone can join this course, we are here to teach you from beginner to advance and with a lifetimes worth of experience you’ll be learning quickly and be able to attain all the knowledge and skills you need!

If you want to ultimately go on a luxury boat course this is the right course if you are an absolute beginner and want to progress quickly to the boat.  If you wish to do this please let us know and as soon as you are ready we can move you onto a boat course and guarantee Dave is your instructor during your boat lessons too.

What does it include?

These kitesurfing lessons can include whatever aspect of the sport you need to learn from starting at the very beginning, filling in gaps of technique to pushing the limits of your skill set.

You can come to these lessons without prior goals or expectations and we will PUSH your kiting! After a short riding session or briefing, we will assess the best steps to progress you from the very basics, topping up starter lessons you may have had, to pushing your board skills to a new level by learning toeside kitesurfing, backroll kiteloops or how to pop off the water correctly whilst kitesurfing.

All equipment is provided, if you have been kiting before and have your own equipment you would be best using your own as long as we deem it safe enough for use in a kitesurfing lesson as we can show you correct setup, watch out for buying terrible kites with no safety on E-bay!

Information about private kitesurfing lessons courses.

  • All equipment provided Or equipment assessed and tuned if you’re using your own kit.
  • Photo and videos of your session are available, ask for details. £10 processing fee for providing a download link to the media of your session. At extra cost photos and videos can be professionally edited.


  • 18 or over, otherwise under 18 accompanied by an adult.
  • No Kiting experience needed.

Special Offers

  • Recommend a friend who takes a lesson and get a discount on the next lesson, rules apply.
  • Book 10 hrs together and you could get a 5% discount quote “private105%” when booking.

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We wouldn’t want you to just take our word for it, so here are a few of the wonderful things others have said about this service…

When it comes to kite tricks I’m pretty shit. It pisses me off that it is easier to admit that I suck than I thought it would be but doing something about sucking badly, is no easy thing. Unless, you book some time with Push Kiting and ask for Dave Ursell. I was fortunate to get 3 hours tuition as a birthday present from my wife this year. Yes, you read it right, I swallowed some pride and headed for Clacton to get me some mojo. My lesson was on the Friday but I headed down on the Thursday to scope the place out and get a quick fly in which turned out to be a very good idea because the Clacton beach front is small and you gotta know your shit if you fly in onshore winds over there or you might end up in somebody’s living room. I met two cool guys too, Andy & Ben who clearly knew what they were doing. After an hours worth of flying I headed to a wicked little b&b, spending the evening relaxing in front of a stoking fire place. I rushed down to the kiting spot the next morning and started setting up my Peter Lynn 12m Synergy so as to save some time and cram as much wisdom as possible in when the lesson started. The wind was all over the place but a tad on the low side and when Dave showed up I was packing the 12m away to set the 15m Synergy up. Everything about the guy oozed professionalism, from the well stocked kite van to the form he had me fill out and back to his patient mannerism which was going to be put to the test in the 3 hours that was to follow. My goals for the day in no particular order were: 360′s front and back foot-out board off board jump in better hang time He spent the first part of the lesson sussing me out & explaining 360 trick theory in a way that made it seem both do-able and exciting. Fortunately, this guy isn’t all talk and before you know it, I was doing rotation exercises without the board. Some ass & elbow aching moments later, I managed to land a 520 back roll toe side which we were both pretty chuffed about. We then moved on to better hang time & bigger air’s which are both essential for the other tricks on my list. Again, he explained the theory to me & then had me do some preparation exercises before I tried the tricks themselves, most of which I almost landed. Remember I mentioned that Dave Ursell isn’t just about theory? During the lesson, he’d take my Synergy and show me how to do each trick pointing out what to look for as he does it. To say I was impressed is to say Jessica Alba isn’t attractive, considering he’s never flown a Synergy in his 15 year kiting experience. I was in awe to say the least & inspired to really throw myself into getting the tricks nailed. No fault to Dave, but I couldn’t manage to land or execute everything I’d hope to in the 3 hours simply because I needed more practice but I now know it’s only a matter of time & wind before it happens. I was knackered & broken but smiling so much my face hurt. My wife stood watching me with Dave for a while & said when I turned around to look at them after I landed a trick, I was beaming happiness but Dave was beaming pride at his pupil. If that isn’t a testament to a great teacher & tutor than I do not know what is. Dave has all kinds of kites in that van of his & I know he would’ve gladly let me use those lush Flexifoil Ion’s but it was important to me to learn tricks using my Peter Lynns for obvious reasons. He also has insurance so there’s nothing to worry about when starting out. Push Kiting specializes in Kite Surfing lessons and depending on the wind, he also uses nearby Clacton or Holland on Sea as teaching spots. If you’re considering taking up this sport but do not know where to start, or like me, need to get some personal tuition focusing on your kite boarding skills, take it from me, Dave’s your man. Here’s my favourite video of Dave and other legends like AJ Phillipson & Lewis Wilby.
West Fella’s, London Town, Frinton on Sea