Two Day Group Kite Land Boarding Course

2 Days of Kiteboarding action taught by the PUSH Kiting team as featured on the Discovery Channel and BBC1 Home away from Home.

Full action fun with amazing land-based kites and premium all-terrain kiteboarding you’ll be smiling ear to ear, and be set up for a well-informed future of kiting, with all the kite based background you will need to safely practice kiting with friends and family.

Whatever type of lesson you need, feel free to e-mail Dave or call on 077360 52967 to book a slot or have a consultation about lessons.

These lessons can accommodate up to 18 people with our BKSA instructors if you’ve got a party or group looking for an adventure then get in touch!

Kite Landboard Gallery

In our 2 day Kite landboarding course you’ll be pulled around as you experience the fantastic power or the kite, then whisked about on the board as you apply your multi-tasking skills! Sometimes you’ll be looking like a pro, sometimes like a comical clown bouncing around, enjoy some kiteboarding photos here and in our media gallery.

Information and FAQs

What’s the Two Day Group Kite Land Boarding Course?

A Two Day Group Kite Land Boarding Lesson – up to 6 people per instructor.

Who’s the Two Day Group Kite Land Boarding Course for?

Either you want two days of fun to try a great sport or you want to take up kite landboarding as a sport and want to know all the basics, this course covers it all – you may not be a kiteboarding legend by the end of the course but you’ll know everything you need to practice and progress with friends after this course.

What does it include?

We’ll take what you’ve learned in the first-day course (which is the same as the one-day kiteboarding course) and start to elaborate and extend your understanding of kiting, building on the power your holding down.

Information about the Two Day Group Kite Land Boarding Course

  • This course is for 4 to 6 people
  • We have a waiting list for individuals that would like to do a group course if you don’t have 3 other people to join you.  We can’t guarantee we can provide other students, we can, however, run 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 lessons as an alternative.
  • Up to 5 hour course each day.
  • All equipment provided.
  • This is a Land-based course.

Prices per person

  • Weekday – £270
  • Weekend – £310


  • No prior knowledge needed.
  • 18 or over OR under 18 accompanied by an adult.
  • let us know of any disabilities/injuries you think may affect you flying and we can chat through options.
  • Please come along with a pair of standard shoes that you would use for sport and sunglasses.

Special Offers

  • Bring three or more friends and you could get a 5% discount off your course Quote “2dayland5%” when booking.

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We wouldn’t want you to just take our word for it, so here are a few of the wonderful things others have said about this service…

have been on two one-day courses with Dave from Pushkiting, one on water, one on land.
Both times I’ve come back home in the late afternoon with a brain and muscles exhausted from all the info and the hard work keeping the kite flying, but also been one big smile from a great day out! So much fun. Frankly, been a bit hyper after, telling friends “the tales I live to tell” of my great day out.

I admire Dave for his patience, watching me time and time again get the kite to crash, telling me how to correct my mistakes and redo the whole shenanigan again – without ever looking like he’s given up on me.

After the course, I feel more confident and will definitely join again for another course, getting me ready for flying through the summer with kite and board.

Charlotte H., Frinton on Sea
I just wanted to say a huge, massive thank you for the landboard, power and traction kites lessons I booked with you.
Wow what an experience and I am absolutely gutted I didn’t come to see you sooner and that I haven’t tried to fly kites until now.
Your wealth of knowledge and experience is reassuring, confidence building and deeply informative with regard to the kites themselves and the weather/wind powering them and all the safety behind the sport.
What an awesome afternoon and to be honest I could have stayed there for hours, well at least until dark anyway!
I will be buying a kite or two and booking in for some more lessons to gain progress in kite and land board control, so with that in mind I hope to see you very soon, I couldn’t recommend your instruction highly enough, thanks again.
Dave McCarthy, Clacton on Sea