Half Day Group Kite Buggy Course

Kite buggying 3 inches off the ground is exhilarating, speeds from 5-10 mph feel like you’re in a race car! in this Half day kite buggy course you’ll spend time learning how to fly the kite and depending on how well you get on you’ll be trying your first attempts at kite buggying.

We usually use a lightweight Peter Lynn competition buggy in these first introductions to kite buggying, we also use high-performance Flexifoil Scout and Navaro buggies too. Come along and enjoy a taste of power kiting and an insight to traction sports!

Introduction to kite buggying

It’s a great way to exercise, a fast enjoyable sport to enjoy with family and friends. All ages can enjoy kite buggying, it’s an amazing sport to get your teeth into, you’ll be able to tone up your body and start breaking your own records, for speed, spins, drifting and more.

Information and FAQs

What’s the Half Day Group Kite Buggy Course?

A Half Day Group Kite Buggy Lesson – up to 6 people per instructor.

Who’s the Half Day Group Kite Buggy Course for?

Kite buggying lessons are for anyone who loves a bit of speed, the skill of multitasking, the power of nature at your fingertips and the thrill of g-force turns. Of course, we start off very gently and anyone can try kite buggying, we’ve trained from 5 yrs – 85 yrs so far! It’s a sport that can be pushed as hard or taken as easily.

What does it include?

We’ll start you off in a similar fashion to the half day kite surf course however similar to the kite land board course we don’t start flying the water specific LEI kites, but move onto land-based kites also known as ram air kites, foil kites or just power kites. After an introduction to the kites and safety is covered we’ll show you around a kite buggy, look at the specific maneuvers needed to master the power and jump in the kite buggy for the first traction lessons to begin.

Information about the Half Day Group Kite Buggy Course

  • This course is for 3 to 6 people
  • We have a waiting list for individuals that would like to do a group course if you don’t have 3 other people to join you.  We can’t guarantee we can provide other students, we can, however, run 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 lessons as an alternative.
  • Up to 3 hour course.
  • All equipment provided.
  • This is a Land-based course.

Price per person

  • Weekdays – £80
  • Weekends – £90


  • No prior knowledge needed.
  • 18 or over OR under 18 accompanied by an adult.
  • Let us know of any disabilities/injuries you think may affect you flying and we can chat through options.
  • Please come along with a pair of standard shoes you would use for sports and sunglasses.

Special Offers

  • Bring three or more friends and you could get a 5% discount off your course Quote “1/2buggy5%” when booking!

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We wouldn’t want you to just take our word for it, so here are a few of the wonderful things others have said about this service…

An absolutely fantastic 1/2 Day Introduction in to kite buggying. Exceptionally well instructed very patient with all the family (Two kids one 13yr old Girl and a 10 yr old boy). My children and I throughly enjoyed our lesson. Many many thanks indeed especially for taking the time to instill confidence into my son Michael to fly the the most powerful kite he has ever flown on the windiest day we have ever flown kites!! Hopefully when we all have buggies and kites we can come up again to further polish our new found skill. We’ll be back for the kite surfing soon!!
Julian Plummer Father of 2 and old enough to know better!!??, Mayland, Essex, Frinton on Sea
Had a brilliant introduction to kite buggy, bought as a present. Dave’s instruction was clear and we were soon getting used to moving the kite around and feeling the power of the wind. Got on a buggy and away we went – BRILLIANT fun. Many thanks Dave, a great memory. – Rob Martin
Just hit the big 40, Suffolk
Rob Martin Just hit the big 40, Suffolk, Clacton on Sea