Professional Kite Buggy Lessons

PUSH Kiting offers a range of kite buggy lessons for beginners and experts alike. Whether you’re an individual that’s looking to push your own limits, or a group looking for the ultimate team experience, we have you covered.


Kite Buggying Lessons

There is a range of Kite buggy lessons available at PUSH Kiting in Essex, starting at entry-level introduction to kite buggying right up to custom kite buggy lessons.

E-mail Dave or call us on 07736052967 to book a slot! Flexibility is our aim, we can cater for all your needs, our kite buggy lessons can be exactly how you want them, just you, your whole family or a group. Just let us know what you need from the Kite buggy lessons and we’ll get you kiting in no time!

If you’re looking to learn to kitesurf, you need to look no further.  Check below to view just some of the kite buggy services we offer.

Kitebuggy Lessons

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Kite buggy Lessons

Introduction to Kite Buggy Group Course

For Entry-level students


Weekday – £130

Weekend – £140

This lesson is ideal for people who want to experience the thrill of kite buggying. This course is a fantastic group activity ideal for an adventure day out, work outing, even Stag do or Hen do! This introductory course will give you the experience you need to play with with the power and experience kite buggying in a safe environment. We are sure by the end of this course you will want to take your skills further, 15mph 2 inches off the ground feels fast, with practise and guidance you could be doing over 40mph!

Kitebuggy Lessons Essex

Taking Kite Buggying Further group course

For Beginner students


Weekday – £130

Weekend – £140

Following on from our introductory course, we will be refreshing your skills, refining new areas that were briefly covered before and introducing you to more of the essential maneuvers and ideas with kite buggying.

Learn to Kite buggy

Advancing your Kite Buggy Group Course

For progressive beginner students


Weekday: £130

Weekend: £140

Building on from the “taking kite buggying further course” we can refine your current skill set and look to introduce more complex skills up to whatever level you feel ready to achieve!

Group Kitebuggy Lessons

Kite Buggy Coaching for 1 to 2 people – Customized lessons

These lessons are for people at any stage of their kiteboarding journey.  You are a single person or a group of 2 wanting to learn the basics, you have the basics and want to go further or you are doing great but want to know how to do tricks and jumps.  Whatever level you are at these totally tailored lessons are for you.  Are very knowledgeable and experienced PUSH kiting team can help you with anything you want to learn.


1 to 1 – £50 per hour

2 to 1 – £45 pp/hour

A minimum of 3 hours must be booked per lesson.


Tandem and Disabled Kite Buggy Experiences


1 person – £45/hr

 2 or more people – £30/hr per person

It is a minimum of a 2 hr charge for these lessons, however, if funding is tight please contact us and we may be able to arrange an alternative.

Should you play it safe because you use a wheel chair? In our eyes that has no bearing on the amount of adrenaline or fun you need! So get yourself over for an awesome experience!