Christmas is Fast approaching and its hard to know what unique experience christmas presents you can buy for your Husband, Wife or friends.

Why not try Kitesurfing lessons for christmas, Sounds crazy?! well get them a voucher and they can redeem a kitesurfing lesson as soon as the water gets warm!

Alternately a great christmas gift idea is a Power kiting voucher for children or adults alike to learn how to fly kites and harness the power of the wind. Why not buy a small kite along with a half days power kite instruction to learn how to use it safely!

We also Cater for alternate activitiy christmas gifts with Kite buggy vouchers, and Kite landboard vouchers, Kite buggying and Kite landboarding days are a wonderful unique experience that can last a whole day or half a day.

All our vouchers are sent out royal mail 1st class so get your order in before tuesday the 21st and royal mail willing you’ll recieve your voucher on time. Otherwise just direct them to the website with your gift intentions and you’ll recieve your voucher asap.

See our list of vouchers here

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