Kitesurfing, Kite boarding aka Kite land boarding, Kite buggying and Power kite flying are all extreme sports. This brings with it inherent dangers and they are sometimes overlooked or forgotten as people move forward with their selected discipline, this is always a concern to myself as I see each year more people get injured or have near misses and most are avoidable, fixable or completely unnecessary.

A friend recently had a line snap while he was kiting, luckily a few things happened which worked in his favour, he was kiting with friends and although his kit was damaged to a point he could not fly it, he would be safe. Barney sprung into action kiting over and first asking if he was OK, then he offered assistance by way of a tow in to the beach. the waters are cold still so its very important to get out of the water asap to maintain dexterity and the ability to make the kite safe. Barney did get caught up whilst helping, the lines started to wrap around him, at which point he cut them loose with his safety knife, this is unfortunate to have to cut equipment but it IS the right thing to do if you find yourself in the same situation. You should ALWAYS carry at least one knife on you and not be afraid to use it if lines tangle around you. The force in the kites are something most people under estimate, and I’ve seen fingers and flesh pulled off and heard about much worse injuries.

When Kitesurfing you should always: Take a friend or better two, take a knife, make sure your equipment is sound for the purpose intended, if you are unsure about anything take extra precaution in the form or a buoyancy aid and helmet, make sure you know how to pack down the kite in an emergency to be rescued or rescue yourself, and know the safety releases and functions of every kite you own or ever borrow to fly.

We Kite surf near Cambridge and London and if you need a top up with your safety or need to learn Kitesurfing from scratch then give us a call for a chat today or send us an e-mail with your goals, we also teach advanced Kitesurfing courses in the safest possible way.