Kitesurfing lessons for suffolk from PUSH Kiting kite surfing school 40mins from south suffolk, kite boarding school, and kite buggy school.  Our school is based just below suffolk and we offer a comprehensive range of kitesurfing lessons, group kitesurfing, private kitesurfing and introductory courses.

We also offer a full range or power kiting courses near suffolk as well as kite buggy lessons and kite boarding, kite land boarding (kite ground boarding) lessons near suffolk.  We have been running kite lessons for more than 13yrs which gives us unprecidented experience to teach you about the sports in ways most couldn’t, We love kite sports and are here to help you!

E-mail me  David Ursell I’m the head instructor, I can give you more details or give him a call now.. if its windy, leave a message, we kite a LOT!

I’m a professional kiteboarder and I ride for two great companies, Flexifoil international, the designers of the first controllable power kites in 1972, and MBS Mountainboards, We also work with Edgeriders sports store as they give the best advice and service out of anybody, a fantastic wonder land of treats and goodies with a great family based team.

Photos: David Ursell, Photographer: James wakeling

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