Thanks for looking at taking lessons with PUSH Kiting.

UPDATE: WE ARE NOW OPEN for 1:1 lessons, please get in touch and we can book lessons for yourself or groups within your bubble. From April 12th we are looking to book group lessons with people of mixed bubbles. This is very exciting news as during 2020 we were not able to let any groups book if they were not in a bubble and marks a real change in the way we can run our lessons.

If you have a voucher that is expiring soon please email us and we will extend your voucher expiry for the time we have forced to be closed.

As soon as things change we will update the website.  We will be taking this opportunity to have a well-earned rest, we would like to thank all of our customers for choosing PUSH Kiting and we are looking forward to teaching you all again in the new year.  Happy New Year, stay safe from all the PUSH Kiting team.

Below are details of changes to procedures – FOR WHEN WE CAN TEACH but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

We have put extra practise in place to ensure everyone’s safety regarding COVID as much as possible but please be aware there will be a risk like with any activity.  We require all participants – staff and students to fill in screening forms for every day they have a lesson and expect that if anyone is experiencing symptoms they would notify us straight away.

We will only be using instructors who are showing no symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone with Coronavirus and thus should be self-isolating. We will be looking to keep a supply of hand sanitiser on the boat and with the instructor for land lessons as supplies allow, please bring your own sanitiser where possible. We would also ask that if you have any symptoms or should be self-isolating you get in contact and we will reschedule your lesson for when you are feeling better.

If all our instructors are taking precautionary self-isolating measures we would need to reschedule your lesson, we apologise for this but it is for the community and to slow the spread to the most vulnerable in society.

So if you’re coming for private lessons over this period:

  • Please bring hand sanitiser with you.
  • Please bring sun cream, we’ve always recommended this, but you may be white and pasty from being inside for a while and could need extra protection so we don’t send tomatoes coloured students home.
  • Feel free to wear face masks during lessons on the land, this is not advised on the water. You can purchase neoprene face coverings from Fluid lines in Colchester to wear on the water.

Group Lessons

  • We can run group lessons for those in a single bubble/household.
  • We cannot run any mixed household/bubble group lessons, hence we don’t have any group waiting lists during this time.

During lessons, please:

  • Stand 2 meters (6ft) from all other persons at all times where possible.
  • Stand crosswind of each other, this can be explained during a lesson if needed. This means any shedding virus would be naturally aspirated away by the wind to denature away from any persons.
  • Do not shake hands or touch anyone else during lessons, skin on skin. When in a wetsuit with gloves on, an instructor may hold the rear of the harness etc for brief periods.
  • Move away and catch and coughs or sneezes, sanitise yourself and return to kiting afterwards. Adhere to any other updated government advice.

We will get through this, God bless you all.

Get in touch to book your lesson and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Many thanks, PUSH Kiting