Who are we – Our school founded Kitesurfing lessons in clacton, and has been Kitesurfing in clacton since 2000, We are very happy to anounce that the BKSA are bringing the first round of the national kitesurfing championships to Clacton on sea, and have joint forces with our kitesurfing school with organising and planning the event.

About the area – Clacton is a great little spot to kitesurf, it is small and does get crowded, but with that brings a community that works well together, Kitesurfing is and always will be a sport of co operation as there is no getting away from the basic dangers of harnessing the wind in such a volatile way, new technology make the kites safer, but ultimately nature is a powerful force to be reckoned with and can catch anyone out by suprise, we all need a friend on hand if this happens and so we all look our for each other.

Kitesurfing lessons – If your thinking a new hobbie is something you’ve been needing then kiteboarding, kitebuggying or kitesurfing should be high on the list! Its a clean, healthy, energetic and invigorating sport!

Kitesurfing history – Peter powel kites where remembered by many as a great kite which had a bit of tug, infact the Flexifoil 6ft stacker was the first powerkite to be made in 1972, many years down the line as power kiting progressed the sport started to transform into new sports, spurring off, first was kite buggying and kite boarding, later kitesurfing and since then, snow kiting too. Kitesurfing has been the main catalyst for pushing the sport mainstream and increasing the technology that goes into making the kites.

Kitesurfing future – The level of technology in the kites can only go so far, I hope we will continue to see improvement in stability, speed, precision and safety in our kites, but ultimately it comes down to money, how the sport as a whole is pushed forward, you can help by introducing a friend to this amazing sport, come and try kite sports with us, we’ve been hooked for 16yrs, we’re sure you’ll love it too.