We love Kite land boarding and it’s what a lot of our videos are based around, we also film snow kiting, kite surfing, kite buggying and just any other fun with kitesports that we have. Below are some new 2017 photos of a session I had this spring using the new Rebel 2017 from North kiteboarding, we’ve got every other size Rebel this year including 5m 7m 9m 11m 13m 15m and 18m Rebel, if you want a lesson and fancy trying these kites out get in touch, we also have 2017 Dice, Evo, Neo, Mono and some Vegas too, these are all great kites which taylor towards different aspects of kitesports and we can guide you to which kite is best for you from this amazing line up!



Enjoy the photos, comment and please share, if you want to get involved then drop us a mail!

Cheers, Dave Ursell – Senior instructor