I’m often asked to showcase our sports being in the sport from the early days and a very qualified kite sports instructor on land and water. This time round I was featured on Home Away From Home on BBC1.

We had great fun filming as I took them from complete beginners to their first kite buggying runs, Kite buggying is a great sport to learn with your family and friends, a great way to get some air and enjoy nature and at the same time burn calories and release some energy. Although the family didn’t know what kite buggying was when they started they left at the end of the day really happy with their experience and the teaching they’d received from PUSH Kiting Kite buggy school.

If you want to learn to kite buggy, have a look at our kite buggy lesson pages, send me a message and we’ll get started!

You can view the program on the BBC iPlayer for the next month, so go check it out and share the love.

Kite Buggy Lesson on BBC 1 iPlayer

We look forward to the next adventure, big or small we always like to do something new!

David Ursell
PUSH Kiting