This is known as one of our best videos collectively on Youtube and Vimeo receiving over 60,000 views we had a blast filming it and stoked to see the love and likes flood in!

From 2009 – Spring/Summer – Yo ho Yo ho and here we go! Lewis Wilby, David Ursell, Aj Philipsen, James Wakeling. Brilliant sunny, windy days spent messing about on the beach, going for the biggest jumps, hardest loops and most complex tricks yet. Aj tries a frontroll kiteloop, goes big and we’re all thankful he’s still alive. Lewis shows off some slick moves up high and low down strapped into his snowboard boots locked into his deck and I do my usual jumps and a few spins too. All this along to an amazing weezer track makes for a good times video! Thanks to Craig sparkes and Dave roberts for their guest appearances! Sorry for spelling marks surname wrong at the end 🙁 oops

The Death spin at the end was AJ’s idea, what a legend!