Here it is, The Craziest looking power house of a kite, the Flexifoil Blade VIP, Its a monstrous machine waiting to do your bidding.

The Flexifoil Blade series has been known world wide as the final word in what a power kite can be, many have tried to match the power and precision but all have fallen short. With this years blade refined and recoloured like no other its a statement showing this kite is not for beginners. This is for experienced kiters only!! If you can take on the might of the VIP then your OK in my book!

The Flexifoil Blade VIP is 8.5m which is as large as the blade goes, and you dont need anything bigger, with the lightest of breezes this will generate power you didnt know possible to tear you along beachs, fields, salt flats, deserts or the water if you decide like me you want to be able to kitesurf in 3mph winds.

This years Blade VIP has been designed closely around the 8.5 Blade IV, this proven kite has not been bettered or matched by anyone else, and with new design tweaks and changes learnt from the R&D from the Flexifoil Blade V, there is truely nothing better.

This year the VIP comes in stunning stealthy black and outrageous orange to produce a kite with a stunning presence in the sky

Visit our Friends at Edgeriders to hear more and get yours as soon as they hit the UK shores!


Cheers, David Ursell – Senior kiteboarding instructor @ PUSH Kiting

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