Below you’ll find a few of the wonderful things people have said about the PUSH Kiting team and our services.  We’re always happy to hear from you, whether it’s for queries, congratulations or even criticisms (it’s how we learn, right?).

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Dave, just wanted to say a massive thankyou for this afternoon it has been absolutely fantastic, my first kiteboarding experience, your a brilliant teacher honestly, we got the kite up and progressed up through the kite sizes as well, and just had such a super super time, your a real star, we all really enjoyed it. I hope everybody looks out for it on countryfile and enjoys it as much as I did, Cheers and thanks again! – Matt Baker
Countryfile, The One Show, Blue Peter Presenter

Just wanted to let you know that I had a great session with AJ this afternoon. Conditions were perfect, windy and sunny.   AJ quickly got me up and running with the basics and worked on my dreadful technique with clear explanations so I felt much more capable.
We used a few different kites to assess the handling characteristics and for him to see how I managed with them. Surprisingly he even got me onto a kiteboard  (which I wasn’t expecting) so that was a real bonus.  I didn’t expect such detailed initial tuition on wind and topography but it helped make it so much easier later when we got onto the practical side.  I was also pleased he checked over my own kite and gave me useful tips (throughout the afternoon) on looking after the kite and winding the lines (which I’d had problems with).  I really enjoyed the afternoon and found AJ a superb and professional coach. – John Saffer
Beginner lessons –
My daughter decided she wanted to give kite surfing a go, so after a bit of research and looking on the online reviews, I decided to book with these guys as they had excellent reviews compared to the ones in my area (Southend).
The first lesson was the fundamentals of kite control with AJ, to my annoyance Grace picked this up straight away. Once we had done that and AJ was confident about our kite control the next step was in the water.
I opted for the boat launch lesson as I thought it would be easier for one to one training. Grace was a little nervous at the start, as she suffers from a bit of her own self-belief, but as soon as she got in the water again she picked it up really well.
AJ and Dave were out with us and they were awesome, being extremely patient with me after constantly diving the kite into the water, and giving us excellent tuition whilst we were on the water. The most important aspect for me was seeing how happy Grace was in this environment. She came away from the lesson a little drained but full of excitement.
I would recommend Push kiting to anyone who wants to take up the sport. I and Grace will definitely be booking more lessons when I can fit them in.
These guys are fantastic don’t hesitate to go with theses guys they really are the best. – 24/08/20 Kevin and Grace Wilson

I shot David a couple question regarding equipment and without any delay, I received a detailed response with spot on advice and insight, going above and beyond answering every question I had. You can tell that David and the guys at Push Kiting have this sport running through their veins and understand the complexities of kiteboarding at a very advanced level. These guys are the real deal. Looking forward to taking some advanced lesson at PUSH Kiting. – Roman Wunderlich, Munich, Germany

MOH and I wanted to have a go at kite lanboarding with a view to possibly progressing on to kite surfing. I felt we wanted a bit more than a brief taster session so Dave reckoned 3 hours with them would give us a good start. We had a great afternoon at Holland Park and grasped the basics of setting up and handling a few different sized kites. We then moved on to getting on a board and just about managed to get moving. We’re now looking to get our own gear and are being advised by the guys at PUSH which way to go. So good instructor and good follow up from these guys. – James B

My wife bought me a 3hour kite bugging lesson as part of my 50th !! Met up with Dan and after the usual safety stuff out came the kite. I got the hang of flying it pretty quickly, then, out came the buggy, managed to get it moving just. As time went on and tuition from Dan progress was made, Dan managed to pick up everything I was doing wrong and if you are prepared to listen and apply what he says you will definitely improve. By the end of the lesson I was getting a good speed on down wind, getting some tight fast turns in and travelling back up wind.
Wow, I’m hooked!, have since spoken to Dave and Dan who were both very willing to offer advice about buying kit, so I now own two second hand power kites for practicing with before progressing to kite surfing which will definitely be with pushkiting 100%.
Massive thanks to Dave, Dan and pushkiting, will see you soon – Sean Ryder, Suffolk

Five star lessons in a five star location.
Dave is a true professional. The equipment, the lessons,the attitude to safety are all well planned in advance. Learning to hydrofoil is difficult, but with Dave’s help I managed to get moving on the board in my second lesson. If you want to learn to Kitesurf or want to hydrofoil, or want to do learn advanced moves in a safe environment I cannot recommend Push kiting highly enough. – Jerome Kiely

Epic experience, and really great teaching. I wanted to get into kiting after surfing for many years, and these guys will get you going in no time. Really friendly laid back people who clearly love teaching and being on the water.

Definitely, recommend them. Tom – Bury St Edmunds

Thanks Dave for a terrific 2 hours Paddle Board Instruction. Like the Kite session you definitely know your stuff. As a result the Wife and I have bought our first board! Love ‘n Peace, Roger Cassidy

We have had a couple of great lessons with PUSH kiting so far and have our next two aleady booked in! Our instructor was extremely patient and explained everything in detail. We had the opportunity to try several different kites and the quality of the equipment was excellent. We learnt loads during our first two lessons on land and we’re now ready to move to the water.
The website is easy to navigate and has lots of useful information and booking is straight forward with Dave. I would highly recommened PUSH kiting for learning to kitesurf in East Anglia. – Kate Davidson
Dave, I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our Paddle Board SUP session in July ! This is our second session with you, the first being Push Kiting back in 2015 !
During both sessions you have shared your expertise, shown your passion and enjoyment for the sports that you coach ! We not only learnt so much but had so much fun ! We will be back in July 2018 to experience the boat trip to see the baby seal pups ! All the best, Virginia

I have been on two one-day courses with Dave from Pushkiting, one on water, one on land.
Both times I’ve come back home in the late afternoon with a brain and muscles exhausted from all the info and the hard work keeping the kite flying, but also been one big smile from a great day out! So much fun. Frankly, been a bit hyper after, telling friends “the tales I live to tell” of my great day out.

I admire Dave for his patience, watching me time and time again get the kite to crash, telling me how to correct my mistakes and redo the whole shenanigan again – without ever looking like he’s given up on me.

After the course, I feel more confident and will definitely join again for another course, getting me ready for flying through the summer with kite and board. – Charlotte H.

Thanks Dave and Dan for a cracking morning on the boat. After a fun day with my son on the buggies last week it felt good to be back in/on the water. thanks for your patience and wise words. Really felt like I made progress beyond what I could have hoped for. Loved it. If you could just arrange for the weather to be like that every time! Hugo, Cambridge

Myself and my brother would like to say a big thank you for the lesson kitesurfing lesson on the boat the other day.
We both learnt to kitesurf between 8-10 years ago, due to hectic life styles and the introduction of little people into the world neither of us really got going with the sport.
10 years on, my brother (a previous pupil) suggested booking a private lesson with yourself to give us the kick start back into kitesurfing.
Can I say this was money very very well spent, in the 4hours lesson with yourself we progressed on beyond our expectations. We were able to learn in a safe, friendly environment and gain useful tips to enhance our riding.
I would recommend you to any who is considering taking up kitesurfing or anyone who can kitesurf who is wanting to progress with skills.
Thanks again dave – Chris and Adam young

I had a great time learning to kite landboard with push kiting. Taking one to one lesson I feel was great value for money and have learnt a lot in a short period of time. It was fun trying out different kite sizes and makes of kite which they brought along. As a beginner kiter who barely knew what I was doing, I now feel I have direction and focus as well as knowledge on safety. I thoroughly recommend push kiting over other tutors I have tried and will continue to use them- despite me living 3 hours away – Craig Coventry MBACP (Accred), MA, BSC

Thanks Dave for a terrific 2 hours Paddle Board Instruction. Like the Kite session you definitely know your stuff. As a result the Wife and I have bought our first board! Love ‘n Peace, Roger Cassidy

We have had a couple of great lessons with PUSH kiting so far and have our next two aleady booked in! Our instructor was extremely patient and explained everything in detail. We had the opportunity to try several different kites and the quality of the equipment was excellent. We learnt loads during our first two lessons on land and we’re now ready to move to the water.
The website is easy to navigate and has lots of useful information and booking is straight forward with Dave. I would highly recommened PUSH kiting for learning to kitesurf in East Anglia. – Kate Davidson
Dave, I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our Paddle Board SUP session in July ! This is our second session with you, the first being Push Kiting back in 2015 !
During both sessions you have shared your expertise, shown your passion and enjoyment for the sports that you coach ! We not only learnt so much but had so much fun ! We will be back in July 2018 to experience the boat trip to see the baby seal pups ! All the best, Virginia

I have been on two one-day courses with Dave from Pushkiting, one on water, one on land.
Both times I’ve come back home in the late afternoon with a brain and muscles exhausted from all the info and the hard work keeping the kite flying, but also been one big smile from a great day out! So much fun. Frankly, been a bit hyper after, telling friends “the tales I live to tell” of my great day out.

I admire Dave for his patience, watching me time and time again get the kite to crash, telling me how to correct my mistakes and redo the whole shenanigan again – without ever looking like he’s given up on me.

After the course, I feel more confident and will definitely join again for another course, getting me ready for flying through the summer with kite and board. – Charlotte H.

Thanks Dave and Dan for a cracking morning on the boat. After a fun day with my son on the buggies last week it felt good to be back in/on the water. thanks for your patience and wise words. Really felt like I made progress beyond what I could have hoped for. Loved it. If you could just arrange for the weather to be like that every time! Hugo, Cambridge

Thank you Dave, Henry had an amazing introduction to Kite Boarding and Kite Buggying. He picked up the kiting techniques very quickly with thanks to your expert tuition. See you in the summer! – Sue Breeze

Had a fantastic time kite bugging with Dave. He was very patient and a great teacher. Would recommend anyone to have a go. – Jules & Andy Williams & Del Nevo

I bought my husband a kite and buggy but we couldn’t get hang of it so booked a lesson with Dave. It was money well spent. Dave is an amazingly patient, knowledgeable and skilled teacher. We learnt so much and can now really enjoy the sport. We wouldn’t hesitate having further lessons to progress further. Thank you Dave, we are having so much fun with the buggy now. – Helen Chidley

Had a fantastic lesson of land based kiting learning about kite control. Very friendly tuition, came away with my neck and back aching so job well done! If your thinking of starting up – choose PUSH. Their experience is second to none. – Joshua Andrews, Beginner Kitesurfer, Essex

There are kite schools and there is Push Kiting ! I’ve tried both. Dave is so friendly, unbelievably patient and has the ability to make learning so much fun. Whether you’re thinking about starting out or like me learning new stuff I would massively recommend Dave and Dan. Super knowledgeable guys who will progress your kiting and make you’re learning so enjoyable. – Tim E

What started as a taster session and not really knowing what Kitesurfing is, turned into something I really enjoy. So thanks to Dan who got me hooked!
Dave and Dan are superb teachers with the right balance of being laid back and serious.
The power of the kites are overwhelming at first and can be a little scary but the guys make you feel super safe.
Both of them are super patient which gives you some confidence to carry on going !
I cannot wait for my next lesson with the boat support which is a very fun and good way to learn.
Highly recommending these guys! – Sarah, Brentwood

Had an awesome 4 hour session this morning getting to grips with the landboarding. Couldn’t of enjoyed it more, aswell as the instructor Dan being bang on the Money with all his advice! Nice one guy’s many thanks! See you in a few months for the kitesurfing I reckon! – Nik Hatt

 I had a couple of days training with Danny and dave they are really great guys. had lots of fun whilst learning. look forward to doing more lessons and days kitesurfing with them. –  Sandeep Khera, Male 25yrs Kitesurf Noob, Waltham Abbey

I went down and had half a day kitesurfing with my Dad and the push kiting instructors. We had a great time and learnt far more than we could have hoped. It gave us the confidence and understanding we needed to get going ourselves. This is due to the fact that the instructors are extremely knowledgeable, thorough and really friendly. We would highly recommend using these guys for anything to do with kiting no matter what ability you are. Cheers guys! – Jack Goose

 The guys from Push Kitting are really good instructors. They do it with passion. I have enjoyed every minute of my kite surf lessons. They are very professional and dedicated, with great tips to make sure you make the most of your time with them. My score is 10 out of 10. –  Mario Caccamo

Turned up on a cold and windy Saturday for a buggy lesson (thought it better to have a lesson than spend 6 weeks in a leg cast). I found Push Kiting to be very professional, giving full training on all aspects of kiting, safety and weather whilst still making for an enjoyable three hours. there was plenty of flying with many good tips and I left the session with aching arms and a grin from chin to chin. Thanks for a great experience. – Stuart Lindsay

Had a brilliant introduction to kite buggy, bought as a present. Dave’s instruction was clear and we were soon getting used to moving the kite around and feeling the power of the wind. Got on a buggy and away we went – BRILLIANT fun. Many thanks Dave, a great memory. – Rob Martin
Just hit the big 40, Suffolk

Had a brilliant morning doing a half day Kite surfing lesson (first lesson so all land based). Dave is a brilliant teacher and very patient and clear in his explanations. Really enjoyed myself so very keen to pursue the sport. Highly recommended. – Mike Benton, Colchester

after spending all winter practicing with a 5m, it was time to get “moving”. I had a 2 hour lesson after 3 weeks of repeated cancellation due to bad weather ( no wind). 2 hours with David on a land board was great. The little tips made all the difference. I will practice now for a few weeks, then I am ready for the surfing side of it. Thanks Dave, look forward to have the next one. Thanks for the advice about the kites – Hal Fadaly (GP, up for anything with wind or water!), Colchester

I had been wanting to get into kite surfing for a long time and then by chance I came across Pushkiting and Dave. After a chat it was obvious to me that this guy was really into the whole kite thing and he was not just a money grabbing kite school . He explained how the quickest and safest way would be to get on the water which is our goal. So I booked a 3 hour lesson for me and my 16 year old son Olly. Having never flown a Power Kite before it is quite daunting if not a little scary to think that in the untrained hands a Power Kite can be extremely dangerous. However, by the end of our first lesson we had progressed from our first small trainer kite to actually getting going in a buggy and with the knowledge that we had learnt we were hooked. So we booked a further lesson for two weeks later and that was awesome. In our second lesson after further instruction about technique and safety we took out even larger kites and really started to master the fundamentals in the buggy. Dave is not only a true pro, just check out his YouTube videos, but also a great teacher and I can honestly say I never really write reviews but in this instance I felt compelled to so if you’ve any doubts about where to go look no further than PushKiting. – Tim Everett, Essex

Dave, Dan and the team at Push Kiting have brilliantly teamed up to get me from total beginner to up and riding. Their sessions are a well thought out and planned combination of skilled instruction and fantastic fun, whilst always focused on my progression at a pace I can handle. As still very much a ‘work in progress’ I would massively recommend their enthusiasm, skill, persistence and guidance – James C

Power kite lessons with Dave Ursell are the most fun thing you can do! I had my first landboard lesson in October, and it was fantastic, well worth the long drive from my parents’ house in Cambridge! Dave was really friendly, chatty, laid-back and encouraging, and I felt safe trying new techniques knowing that a real expert was on hand to help. His advice and demonstrations are priceless! Within a few hours I was flying power kites more smoothly, with much more control, and was able to get going on the landboard. I picked up so many useful tips such as: choosing the right equipment, which part of the wind-window to fly in, setting up and packing away 4-lined kites, how to re-launch a crashed kite etc. But the best thing is that you feel like you’re hanging out with a mate, who just happens to be an awesome power kite instructor! My Dad and I were excited to have another 3 hr private lesson last weekend. This time Dave brought along larger kites, a landboard and a buggy for us to try out. SO MUCH FUN!!! Will be recommending pushkiting to everyone I meet, and showing them the youtube videos of Dave doing some unbelievably amazing tricks on landboards. – Claire Mortimer (Can’t wait to get a bigger power kite!), Oxford

My 15 year old son wanted to get into land boarding and so we wanted to get a feel for what it entailed, the most appropriate kit and correct techniques and set up skills. We searched high and low on the web and despite Push Kiting being 2 hours away we were very impressed with the website. We turned up for the lesson and I have to say we were extremely impressed with the 1/2 day landboarding course. Andy & Dave couldn’t do enough for us – their passion for the sport is infectious and the website surpassed our expectations. Really good guys, very relaxed atmosphere and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Dave kindly advised on kitting my son out with his own gear and put us in touch with a great business near Ipswich, Edge Riders who were similarly very impressive. I would have no hesitation in a supplementary lesson or recommending to anyone considering taking up the sport. Thanks guys. – Mark Smith, Huntingdon, United Kingdom

I had my 1st half day lesson with Dave and enjoyed every second of the course, I found it fun easy going and that made it learning how to fly and control the kite that much easier. Just wish I had done the full day and got onto the buggies which would have been awesome. Learnt how to fly a range of kites in half a day, will be good to progress on to landboarding & jumping around when I have another lesson. Instructor amazing, location good really windy. I know for sure that I will be booking another course in the very near future and this time will be for the whole day, I have now found a fantastic hobby which is an all round work out. If you are looking for a hobby or just a past time then look no further Kiting in any form is here ready and waiting for you to take up. Push Kiting all the way. – Cadell Lench, Essex

Had a 2 day kite buggying lesson bought for me for my 50th birthday. Had a brilliant time, David really knows what he’s talking about and gets that knowledge over so well. Thanks for a really good 2 days. – Kevin Smith, Norwich

Dave thanks for a great day, taking our first steps towards kiteboarding and maybe kitesurfing. Excellent tuition and great company too. Thanks again Paul and Ellis. – Paul Whitney, Hatfield

We had our first landboarding 1/2 day lesson yesterday morning with Dave. We had some previous experience flying powerkites but never on a board. By the end of the lesson we had all done more than we thought we would achieve on our first try. A lesson with Dave is like learning while hanging out with a mate. His teaching style was really laid back and he put us at ease immediately!We all cant wait to get our own gear and get practising! – Sam and Jo Reed, Colchester

I had a one day kitesurfing lesson late last year. I had David as my instructor and his knowledge and patience was second to none. He explained everything in detail yet easy to understand. We hit the water after a bit on training on the land and I caught the bug straight away. I’ve already booked for another day and I have now found a new hobby. If you are thinking of starting any form of sport kite orientated then look no further than here. – Chris Ralph, Ipswich

It was June last year I went out with 2 friends with David ursell and an other trainer Kris Beech. Well David got the time right and the weahter right. the theory part was excellent, but hitting the water was best. I was hooked from that time. The most helpful thing I found was the continuation of care and communication. A few emails and with the right advice and referral, I managed to get a kite and practice all winter. Now is the time to book the next lesson or two. I aim to have 1:1 with David. So far all the guys I know that had the training still meet up and have fun on the sea front. I just hope to join you guys by the end of this summer. Thank you David, for the reassurance and help that allowed me to take this as a hobby or new sport that I never dreamt I was able of doing. – Haleem Fadaly, United Kingdom

I had a 3 hour lesson with Kris on Saturday. It was my first experience of a power kite and I was a bit nervous. Kris put me at ease straight away with his friendly attitude and obvious passion for the sport. Now, I have already booked my next lesson and can’t wait! It’s safe to say I have got the bug and can’t wait! – Hannah Radley, United Kingdom

Had a couple of lessons late last year. virtually no wind but they brought out a huge kite which was great experience. Great instructors. – Paul Peatson (not enough time not enough money want to go kite surfing somewhere sunny)

Thought Id would leave a review Took a two day course with David and was bitten by the bug straight away. All done to David and his teaching very laid back and easy to learn as he is an extremely good instructor. After the two day course i went straight out and bought a full land board set up. David helped and sent me in the right direction on what type of kit i would need and what would suit me best. After the initial lesson I then booked some more private one on one lessons and would say that this way is an awesome way to go, David makes you feel at easy and takes you at your own pace and makes learning easy and fun. Then I booked another kite board lesson this time with one of the other instructors and just like David, Kriss is an laid back easy to get on with guy, he soon pick up on where I was and what was required. I must thank the whole of the Push Kiting Crew they are all down to earth guys and even though I was beginning that didn’t matter unlike some experiences I have had with Ski instructors. Can not thank the Push Kiting crew enough. I can highly recommend lessons with the guys whoever you get they are all extremely experienced and down to earth. I will be booking more lessons this year and can’t wait to get out there. Thanks again to the whole team not just for the lesson but also advice and help when buying my land board kit and my kite board set up Awesome Job guys!- Mick Taylor, Learning to Kite Board, Maldon Essex

Had a blast at my landboarding lesson with Dave. What a nice guy. Very professional, great teacher, and fun to be around. He easily communicates his passion for all things kiting. I did a half day of landboarding and I was exhausted by the end! I couldn’t believe how much I learned both about flying and riding, and how much my technique improved. Time and money very well spent and I’d go back in a second. Thanks so much Dave. – A Taylor, New York

David has an admirable passion for what he does. He’s not only a friendly person, but a very patient and thorough teacher. Despite his years of experience and advanced skills, he is able to transmit his knowledge with a great sense of humility. I had taken sporadic lessons in other schools before, but could not always keep continuity. I am very grateful for having bumped into David, for all his recommendations and advice on technique and equipment. Although I wish I could be located closer to the sea, after the 1-2-1 session I have seriously considered to have some fun on land with a landboard and master entirely the kite …and eventually make the transition into kitesurfing by the time I relocate closer to the sea 🙂 – Iris Villarreal, Cambridge

I enjoyed the course and learnt alot. I was advised on a kite to buy which I did and it’s really good. I was taught how to handle the kite and look after it and be safe with it and I was given tips about kite boarding and thoroughly enjoyed it and the location was perfect- so thanks David – Amanda Woodcraft

Recently had a 3 hour kite lesson with David Ursell. It took me back to my childhood, and thats a long way for a nearly 49 year old femail. We worked with the Buzz then the Big Buzz. David is a true proessional. He made the lesson fun, interesting an covered all the safety stuff. He has brilliant people skills and clearly enjoys teaching. Saying I enjoyed the lesson is an understatement. I was giggling like a little kid. Try giving up the medication!! Kite flying should be available on the National Health. Can’t wait to buy myself a one. I want my daily fix of legal highs – Clare McBride

After watching everything remotely kite related on youtube, scouring fleabay for some kit and wasting many perfect sunny weekends getting stressed and frustrated because I couldn’t do it I finally booked some lessons with Push Kiting. Thankyou Dave for not calling me the idiot I am for thinking I could handle my 9.5 Frenzy 😀 We started at the beginning on a 2.5 Blurr (lovely kite btw) and in no time I was rolling along with a big smile on my face. All the toys stayed in the pram and I wasn’t even bleeding after 2 hours, result 😀 I will be back. – Simon Krolzig, Apprentice Sky God, Maldon

Having never Kitesurfed before, I decided to book myself onto a course, and Push Kiting came highly recommended from everyone that I spoke to. Dave and his team were all very patient and were really keen to pass on as much knowledge as they could in the time we had. It was obvious that these guys really know the sport inside out as everything was explained to me cleary and in full. I chose the two day course and managed to get my BKSA Level 2 in that time, now I’m looking forward to going back for level 3! Thanks to Dave, Andy and Chris for a brilliant couple of days! I really enjoyed it. 🙂 – James Dennis, Kitesurfing Beginner, Norwich

Dave was recommendend to me by a friend that had lessons with him. I had the 2 day course (Fri & Sat)and it was brill. Im not going to go on and on all I will say is thaat Dave is well worth the money and you shouldn’t even think about starting kitesurfin until you’ve had lessons with Dave.Even after the lessons he’s still there for advise if you need it. Thxs Dave – Peter Knopp (I’m a newbie to the sport), Clacton-on-Sea

Had a Brillinat weekend kiting, couldnt have had a better instructor. Very freiendly, professional teaching looking to book level 3 training already. Thanks very much dave,chris and andy had a brillinat time. Would highly recommend – Christopher Brolly, Derry (N.Ireland)

When it comes to kite tricks I’m pretty shit. It pisses me off that it is easier to admit that I suck than I thought it would be but doing something about sucking badly, is no easy thing. Unless, you book some time with Push Kiting and ask for Dave Ursell. I was fortunate to get 3 hours tuition as a birthday present from my wife this year. Yes, you read it right, I swallowed some pride and headed for Clacton to get me some mojo. My lesson was on the Friday but I headed down on the Thursday to scope the place out and get a quick fly in which turned out to be a very good idea because the Clacton beach front is small and you gotta know your shit if you fly in onshore winds over there or you might end up in somebody’s living room. I met two cool guys too, Andy & Ben who clearly knew what they were doing. After an hours worth of flying I headed to a wicked little b&b, spending the evening relaxing in front of a stoking fire place. I rushed down to the kiting spot the next morning and started setting up my Peter Lynn 12m Synergy so as to save some time and cram as much wisdom as possible in when the lesson started. The wind was all over the place but a tad on the low side and when Dave showed up I was packing the 12m away to set the 15m Synergy up. Everything about the guy oozed professionalism, from the well stocked kite van to the form he had me fill out and back to his patient mannerism which was going to be put to the test in the 3 hours that was to follow. My goals for the day in no particular order were: 360′s front and back foot-out board off board jump in better hang time He spent the first part of the lesson sussing me out & explaining 360 trick theory in a way that made it seem both do-able and exciting. Fortunately, this guy isn’t all talk and before you know it, I was doing rotation exercises without the board. Some ass & elbow aching moments later, I managed to land a 520 back roll toe side which we were both pretty chuffed about. We then moved on to better hang time & bigger air’s which are both essential for the other tricks on my list. Again, he explained the theory to me & then had me do some preparation exercises before I tried the tricks themselves, most of which I almost landed. Remember I mentioned that Dave Ursell isn’t just about theory? During the lesson, he’d take my Synergy and show me how to do each trick pointing out what to look for as he does it. To say I was impressed is to say Jessica Alba isn’t attractive, considering he’s never flown a Synergy in his 15 year kiting experience. I was in awe to say the least & inspired to really throw myself into getting the tricks nailed. No fault to Dave, but I couldn’t manage to land or execute everything I’d hope to in the 3 hours simply because I needed more practice but I now know it’s only a matter of time & wind before it happens. I was knackered & broken but smiling so much my face hurt. My wife stood watching me with Dave for a while & said when I turned around to look at them after I landed a trick, I was beaming happiness but Dave was beaming pride at his pupil. If that isn’t a testament to a great teacher & tutor than I do not know what is. Dave has all kinds of kites in that van of his & I know he would’ve gladly let me use those lush Flexifoil Ion’s but it was important to me to learn tricks using my Peter Lynns for obvious reasons. He also has insurance so there’s nothing to worry about when starting out. Push Kiting specializes in Kite Surfing lessons and depending on the wind, he also uses nearby Clacton or Holland on Sea as teaching spots. If you’re considering taking up this sport but do not know where to start, or like me, need to get some personal tuition focusing on your kite boarding skills, take it from me, Dave’s your man. Here’s my favourite video of Dave and other legends like AJ Phillipson & Lewis Wilby. – West Fella’s, London Town

Where to start! To begin with I was just having a look around in a kitesurf store called Edgeriders, they gave me a push in the right direction and recommended Dave, after my first lesson i can see why they reccommended him! His knowledge and passion about the sport makes you super keen to get into it, and his kindness and patience really helped me develop through the day. Thank you so much Dave and I will definitly be making my dad take me down for more lessons! – Sam Moody (addicted- just can’t get enough), Ipswich

Excellent lesson today. Dave is very patient and gives great advice which is explained to you in a way you can understand and can quickly put into practice. Great day. ill be back for more thats for sure. – Rob Tomlin, Witham

I have just had my first lesson with Dave, absolutely loved every minute. The 3hrs zipped by way too quickly. Dave is such a great teacher, made everything seem alot easier. I’m really looking forward to going back out and kiting again. I’ll definitely be back for more! – Charlotte Bradley, 21 year old nutbag, Hertfordshire

I Have had some kite surfing lessons with dave he got me up and riding in no time. Dave is a brilliant teacher very patient and makes everything sound really simple. with daves indepth knowlage of safty and set up I feel confident that I can kite on my own safely, A wonderful way to spend a day at the beach, Top bloke, Top Teacher, Top day Thanks Dave! – Tom Brown, London

An absolutely fantastic 1/2 Day Introduction in to kite buggying. Exceptionally well instructed very patient with all the family (Two kids one 13yr old Girl and a 10 yr old boy). My children and I throughly enjoyed our lesson. Many many thanks indeed especially for taking the time to instill confidence into my son Michael to fly the the most powerful kite he has ever flown on the windiest day we have ever flown kites!! Hopefully when we all have buggies and kites we can come up again to further polish our new found skill. We’ll be back for the kite surfing soon!! – Julian Plummer
Father of 2 and old enough to know better!!??, Mayland, Essex

Dave is an excellent instuctor. He gave my girlfriend and I excellent lessons and we are now confident enough to go solo. Thanks Dave – Geoff Riley, 2 left feet, Ipswich

Booked a last minute one on one landboarding session last wednesday. The sun was out and the wind was strong. Dave has a great deal of expertise and provided safe and patient tuition for the 2 hour lesson. I started with just the kite and was up on the board within an hour and was happily traveling downwind by end of the day. Dave also spent a lot of time give me valuable advice on what kit to buy to get me started. He is really passionate about all kite sports and that really comes across. I well definitely be getting some more sessions soon. – Andrew Cope, London

No better way to spend a cold miserable Saturday in January. We can’t wait to buy our own kites and put into practice everything Dave taught us. Thanks for a great day – Jem and Kev Jones, Nottingham

I had a fantastic day with PUSH KITING all round, Really good instruction!! – Ross Mayhew, Loves chinese food, Sudbury

We booked a few hours kite flying for my son and I as a pre-cursor to moving onto bugging once we had flown the kites. You demonstrated how the kites were controlled and explained the window of success to enable us to keep the wind in our sails :)…..You explained everything quite clearly and gave the impression that nothing was a problem which was a bonus as our son quite quickly wanted to try and fly his kite being upside down and any other way he could think of he is excitable and you dealt with that very well (many thanks). You put us all at ease, letting us try all of the different size kites to experience the different feel and by the end of the lesson we had all really enjoyed flying the kites and were talking about the types of kite we might buy to play with. We are both looking forward to the next time and will be looking to see where we go from here. Many thanks Dave, Jane & Connor – Dave Williams, Family Kiting

Big thanks to Dave for a fantastic day’s kiting and buggying. As a complete beginner, I didn’t know whether 1 day would be enough time. But I was glad to find out that after just a few hours tuition I was able to keep the kite in the air. I was advised on the type of kit I would need to get right through to staying safe, packing the kite away and keeping the kit in good condition ready for next time. I am looking forward to doing it again soon! – John Mason, Haverhill, Suffolk

Dave is a great and very patient instructor and knows what he is talking about and I will be back in the new year to get some buggy lessons. You just have to look at his video’s to know he is good. – Pieter Langenhoven, London

My partner approached Dave at the beach and arranged a two day kitesurfing course for me as a Christmas present. It was the best present ever. On the run up to the course Dave was also able to guide me on what equipment to buy and with the help of Edgeriders at Ipswich I was soon ready to get going. On the first day of the course I was really anxious – I had seen some of the guys and girls kitesurfing and it looked very hard and dangerous. However, Dave was able to get me past this without making me feel silly. The safety issues were explained and demonstrated to me in a simple but thorough manner which put me at ease. Every step of learning the basics of kitesurfing was covered and Dave made sure that I understood and could do each before moving on to the next. His relaxed but supportive approach made this so much easier for me. At the end of the course I felt that I was ready to get going and start practicing everything I had learnt. Dave has a friendly and very approachable manner which not only makes him fantastic at what he does but also puts Push Kiting beyond the others. Any doubts then just look at his videos!! My only regret now is that I didn’t learn earlier. – Alex Southgate, Clacton on Sea

I signed up for the two day kitesurfing course in Clacton. The first day was spent learning to fly the kite, which was amazing fun in the gale force winds!! Weather conditions on day 2 meant that kitesurfing was not possible, but I had a go at kite landboarding instead, which was really good fun. Dave was a great instructor and is very enthusiastic about his sport. Thanks very much for an excellent 2 days – I will definitely try again as soon as I can. – Teresa Keen

August was packed, Spain,3 day rock concert,Redbull X fighters weekend etc..but the highlight was kiteboarding with Dave. As Joe sped across Holland Country Park he shouted “this is the best day of my life, never let me forget it!!” Zak aged 10 is hooked and living for the next powerkite lesson. I can’t imagine a better instructor, professional and great fun. – Joanna Alhallak, Spectator parent of Joe and Zak, Clacton on Sea

Had a 2 day kite surfing lesson with Dave last week, that my girlfriend bought me for my 30th birthday. On the first day we learnt how to fly the kite and what the window is and were the power is etc, how to set up a water kite and emergency pack down, we also had time to get in the water and give kiteboarding a go! On the Second day we got back in the water practiced body drags/ emergency pack downs/ reluanches and much more! Then later in the afternoon more practice on the board, were i maneged to get up! Dave is a great instructor, helpfull/ understanding and obviously very experienced. I really enjoyed the lessons and would recommend them to anyone. I have already bought a starter kit from edgeriders, and cant wait to get back in the water. – Ashley Clifford, Star warrior from Galaxzar, Ipswich

Signed up for an introductory course after wanting to give the sport a go for a while. As expected, Dave seemed to make it look so easy and yet my first attempt didn’t look so cool, but after a lot of giggling and guidance I managed to improve my kite skills and confidently hit the water. I learnt a lot and will definitely be returning for more tuition in the near future. I will be recommending Push Kiting as it gave me thorough insight into the sport, both theory based and practical, once I can convince my friends to embrace British waters. Thanks again! – The Amazing Stacey

I did a 1 day course with Dave, after already having flown foils for a while, and just preparing me for the water. Was great fun, and taught me everything i needed to know really. All the basic techniques for body dragging and water starts and safety. Awesome guy, really friendly and patient, and teaches well. Great value for money. I wouldnt reccomend anyone else, a great way to get into a great sport! – Jamie Gibson, 16, Braintree

just had 1 hrs lesson with dave down frinton learning kite surfing and took my nephew too, dave is a very good instructor as we were both up n boarding with in 30 mins!!! very well advised on all the safty, kite control, emergencys and pack downs,. i would recomend push kiting to anyone wanting to learn the sport… he is a very helpfull n advanced instructor and WILL book some more lessons with him… jus as soon as i warm up again… thanks dave that was a wicked session.. cheers m8.. andy –  Andy Smith, Frinton

great teacher, supplied all the gear, never even stepped on a kiteboard before and after a 1 hour session with him i was up on the board boarding along and got a little jump, would deffinatly has a session and tell my friends about him BRILLIANT!!!! – Danny Smith, New kitesurfer, Holland on Sea

After an introduction to kitesurfing day at the end of last summer I came back to Dave this spring for 3 hours of 1-2-1 training. He is a very laid back, patient tutor who is clearly a master at kiting. I now feel confident to get out their myself and practice what I’ve learnt. I’m sure I’ll be back for more tuition once I’m ready to progress further. Highly recommended and reasonable prices. –  Ed Massey, Kitesurfing beginner, Chelmsford – flying at Clacton

Did a full day power kiting had a brilliant day the rain didn’t stop my training. Well worth the money and you learn alot in a just a few hours. Dave is a good teacher and very patient. – Kelly Godwin, Essex

had a lesson for my birthday and never looked back i had so much fun with dave in the lessons in the first day i was up on the water it is the best filling when finely you get up on your feet great job thank you alex flinn – Alex Flinn, kiting mad, Glemsford

i did a 5 hour course with dave and he is the best teacher ever he tought me so well i am hooked!!! – Chris Nicholls 13yrs

I got addicted to power kites in September 2008 I had a 4.9 Blade (which was always trying to rip my arms out my socket!) After a few months I felt that I could go no further with the blade and decided that I wanted to kite on the water, already knowing a lot of kite control and theory I didn’t want to relearn what I already knew, so Dave offered me a course tailored to my needs (and at a good price). Dave got me and my mate up and riding in a day it was amazing, he’s a very good teacher. Dave is a very patient man and explains things so they make sense. The location he teaches you is second to none and it was never over crowded. Nine months later and I have really progressed. First I learnt to jump which is an amazing feeling! I can do most of the basics now like riding toe side, jump transitions and back rolls. I doubt I would be in this position now if I didn’t have the lessons with Dave. Thanks Dave! – Andrew Kruszynski 23yrs, A now addicted kiter!!!, Braintree

I did a 2 day course with dave and was money well spent!! we covered in depth all aspects of kite safety and setup, theory, flying kites, bodydragging and then onto me first waterstarts. daves a patient guy explaining anything i wernt sure about and going over stuff till i got it right. prior to booking lessons i researched all other local schools around and found push kiting in my opinion by far the best in terms of safety, knowledge, and value for money. happy days….. – Jamie Robertson, 29Yrs, I’m a intergalatic cheese warrior, from planet Edam

Before I had a lesson with David I didn’t know much about the sport but when I had the lesson it was one of the best times of my life it was fun exiting and very helpful, he taught me everything I would need to know from how to set the kite up to how to fly it and even how to stay safe… Theirs nothing else I can say but I was left speech less after I had the lesson. I would recommended the sport to any one knew. I’m now getting better and better and will get more kite lessons ASAP. – Camilo Borrero, 13Yrs, I’ve been kiting for a year now and is being taught by David.

I have been kite surfing for a number of years, I always thought I was beyond freestyle having now received my free bus pass and heating allowance compliments of the state. But I progressed with the help of PUSH Kiting school, specifically David Ursell to being able not only to jump, but to go BIIGG!! and my jumps are getting bigger and better all the time! Possibly some/all people at the beach will lie and tell you I’m jumping 12~ ft high, I’m actually jumping about 50ft every time! It feels AMAZING! Under instruction, from Dave, my jumps have become gradually higher which is one BIG buzzzzz ( you can never go tooooo high !!!) I would recommend the sport to anyone and you are never to old to learn. – Graham Syms, 62yrs Young! and raring to go!, Colchester

Dave really helped me get going with water starts and to get up and riding quickly. After spending some time getting used to flying the kite and attempting lots of failed water starts on my own I went to Dave to help me crack the vital skill of water starting. After just 3 hours tution Dave had me consistently water starting and riding backwards and forwards….. Excellent job. Simon Pickering

I just wanted to say a huge, massive thank you for the landboard, power and traction kites lessons I booked with you.
Wow what an experience and I am absolutely gutted I didn’t come to see you sooner and that I haven’t tried to fly kites until now.
Your wealth of knowledge and experience is reassuring, confidence building and deeply informative with regard to the kites themselves and the weather/wind powering them and all the safety behind the sport.
What an awesome afternoon and to be honest I could have stayed there for hours, well at least until dark anyway!
I will be buying a kite or two and booking in for some more lessons to gain progress in kite and land board control, so with that in mind I hope to see you very soon, I couldn’t recommend your instruction highly enough, thanks again. – Dave McCarthy

I have been having a kitesurfing lesson every six months over the last two years with Dave and his team. The lessons have all be amazing, loads learnt, great fun, really safe with up to date equipment. There’s never a problem rebooking if the wind goes. My son and I were able to get riding really quickly with Dave in the RIB alongside giving us instructions. Definitely going to continue with the lessons even though we can get out by ourselves now, Adam Howard 

I have had two lessons with the push kiting team, AJ being my teacher for both the dry and wet lessons who got me up on the board and confident in the water with the kite really quick.

The team are great. Prices are very fair and you definetly get value for money and then some! The guys are super super skilled professionals and you will always feel safe under their control!
I can’t wait for many more lessons and I can’t wait to kite again !! J Francis

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