When it comes to kite tricks I’m pretty shit. It pisses me off that it is easier to admit that I suck than I thought it would be but doing something about sucking badly, is no easy thing. Unless, you book some time with Push Kiting and ask for Dave Ursell. I was fortunate to get 3 hours tuition as a birthday present from my wife this year.
Yes, you read it right, I swallowed some pride and headed for Frinton to get me some mojo.
My lesson was on the Friday but I headed down on the Thursday to scope the place out and get a quick fly in which turned out to be a very good idea because the frinton beach front is bloody small and you gotta know your shit if you fly in onshore winds over there or you might end up in somebody’s living room. I met two cool guys too, Andy & Ben who clearly knew what they were doing. After an hours worth of flying I headed to a wicked little b&b, spending the evening relaxing in front of a stoking fire place.

I rushed down to the kiting spot the next morning and started setting up my Peter Lynn 12m Synergy so as to save some time and cram as much wisdom as possible in when the lesson started. The wind was all over the place but a tad on the low side and when Dave showed up I was packing the 12m away to set the 15m Synergy up. Everything about the guy oozed professionalism, from the well stocked kite van to the form he had me fill out and back to his patient mannerism which was going to be put to the test in the 3 hours that was to follow.