Aaron Hadlow and Andy Gordon Aspire kite surfing video! Learn to kitesurf in the UK with Flexifoil team riders David Ursell Kris Beech

You’re starting now to get a picture of the epic skills of aaron hadlow as a Kiter and Andy gordon as a filmer and editor!

The next video to come along was Re:volve, Everyone was very excited about this and it carried on the amazing trend, these videos are not only epic kite videos, but something you can show your mum, gran, neice, people that would normally look at a kiteboarding video and get bored very easily, and they will stand in amazement, this feature to me is the most important aspect of these videos and a trend i hope the “Aspire movie” will carry on, this will help grow the sport!

The next and latest video was Calibrate, this took a new more sureal slant in the story line, and introduced the new kite, most of these videos obviously featured the kites heavily, this one did a great job too of showing the power of flexifoil kites, aaron hadlow and Andy gordon nailed it again!

Calibrate featured the famous and controversial bar tender but we lapped it up all the same.

Aspire will be out in a few days and we’ll update the site when it does. Big up to Andy Gordon and Aaron Hadlow!!


Check out our new video Flexifoil team video “Ascension Kiteboarding” while you wait!