Heres a list of the kitesurfing, kiteboarding and land based equipment we are selling in 2021.

If you want to find out what we’ve currently got in stock then just email or call 07736052967 and (if I’m home) I can give you a rundown of the latest availability, we’re not a kite shop, I’m just in the fortunate position to be a team rider for Duotone and I ride a lot of different equipment, I have a limited supply of excellent condition equipment which I change once a year and often I have return customers buying my gear as it’s in such great condition!


The photos below are in no particular order, theres batches of photos of the same kite, so if you like the 18m Dyno for example, look for the 18m and then browse the adjacent photos of that kite – not a shop – dont have time to setup a page for each kite. 🙂


If you want new kite gear, we can hook you up through our friends at Fluid lines in Colchester! go check them out!