Kite sports vouchers and stand up paddle board vouchers.

Welcome to PUSH kiting, the home of excellence in Kite sports tuition! We now have Stand up paddle boarding in our range too.

Our cash vouchers make a popular choice for birthdays, Christmas presents and other gifts around the holiday periods.   Purchase a cash voucher to any value and you or your friend/family member can put it towards any lesson type we do.  Alternatively if you already know which lesson type you are after then just choose from our full range of specific Vouchers listed below and send us an e-mail when you make the payment letting us know your choice!

Power Kite Vouchers, Kite Land Boarding Vouchers, Kite Buggy Vouchers, Kite surfing Vouchers and Stand up paddle boarding Vouchers.

To Purchase your Voucher just check out our Welcome Pack here, this gives you information about lessons and bank details to pay via BACS.  You can pay any amount via BACS and follow the links to send an e-mail as outlined in the pack, then you’ll get a unique voucher back for you or your recipient.

Alternatively if you’d like to pay by Paypal or Credit card just use the Paypal option below, due to the paypal/credit card processing costs you’ll need to add £5 to the amount you want i.e. you want a £220 voucher, pay £225 through the Paypal Portal.

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Q: What Voucher type should I buy?

A: Vouchers for Kitesurfing kite land boarding, kite buggying and Stand up paddle boarding are all interchangeable so it doesn’t matter if you get the wrong type, it can go towards any of our lessons.

Q: What Value  kite boarding or kite buggying voucher should I buy?

A: As much as your comfortable with, we can put any amount towards a lesson, when the recipient is ready to book a lesson they can E-mail of phone for a consultation and if needed we will top up the value of the kite sports or stand up paddle board voucher to the lesson type that is deemed most suitable for the student. A beginner group half day kite buggy, kite boarding and kitesurfing lesson is £70 at the weekend as a guide, for the more committed a 2 day course is £220. Remember, if you choose to pay via paypal to add £5 to the voucher value you require.

Q: How long does the voucher last?

A: All our kite sports vouchers have a one year validity, a full 365 days to come along and enjoy the course! Kitesurfing is mostly in the summer, Kite buggying and Kite land boarding lessons can run throughout the year dependent on seasonal conditions, vouchers cannot be refunded.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Below you can instantly purchase a gift voucher for any amount.  Payment will be processed via PayPal or credit card, and we’ll send you a printable kite sports voucher, this can be given as a gift or used yourself! just choose the value of the voucher and add £5 paypal/credit card processing fee. Download our welcome pack here to pay via bank transfer (with no credit card fee) and get familiar with whats needed for our lessons! 🙂 LETS KITE!

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