Disabled Kite Buggy Lessons and Experiences

Didn’t think you could go Kite Buggying because your disabled, paralysed or lacking mobility or control over some limbs or your body? With our great friend Alex Campbell, we have made a custom built Tandem kite buggy, Alex as a Quadriplegic is paralysed from chest down with partial movement of his arms, however he has always maintained his love of the extreme! Alex loves the feeling of flying about in the kite buggy just inches off the ground at speeds up to 25+mph!

Tandem and Disabled Kite Buggy experience Gallery

An amazing experience or way to try out kite buggying and exhaust a few instructors! Check out the guys who’ve tried our tandem and disabled kite buggy so far!

Information and FAQs

What’s the cost of Tandem and Disabled Kite Buggy experiences?

3-5 hours per session as required:

  • 1 student = £45/hr
  • 2 students = £30/hr/pp

Who’s the Tandem Kite Buggy Lessons for?

There’s a number of reasons you may want to choose a Tandem or disabled kitebuggy lesson:

  • You want to see how fast kite buggys can go, and get a full experience before starting lessons.
  • You’re disabled but you need that adrenaline hit, you want to see if you can take part and see how much you can achieve!
  • You’re a bit young to control a kite buggy yourself but really want a go!
  • You want to learn specific elements or advanced techniques involved with kite buggying.
  • You want to give someone an experience of kite buggying but don’t think they’re up to the challenge of piloting a buggy themselves.

What does it include?

We’ll get you set up in the kite buggy and then give you a guide to kites, show you why we’re using the kites we’ve selected for each day and talk you through the set up process whilst we get prepared. We’ll get you fitted in the buggy and be off on our merry way at a very leisurely pace. Once your comfortable then we can start picking up the speed and increasing maneuvers, we can have frequent breaks and get feedback from you as to what type of kite buggying your after and see what you’d like to experience next.

Information about the Custom Kite Buggy Lesson

  • All equipment provided
  • Bring along equipment you might have and we’ll set it up for you.


  • No prior knowledge needed.
  • 18 or over OR under 18 accompanied by an adult.
  • Let us know of any disabilities/injuries you think we should be aware of or special considerations before you arrive.
  • Please come along with a pair of standard trainers, sun glasses and other appropriate equipment specific to the course you’ve booked.

Special Offers

  • Recommend a friend and they book a lesson and you could get a 5% discount off your next lesson.  Just tell us who is and what lesson they have booked and when it took place and when you book your next lesson.

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We wouldn’t want you to just take our word for it, so here are a few of the wonderful things others have said about this service…

I bought my husband a kite and buggy but we couldn’t get hang of it so booked a lesson with Dave. It was money well spent. Dave is an amazingly patient, knowledgeable and skilled teacher. We learnt so much and can now really enjoy the sport. We wouldn’t hesitate having further lessons to progress further. Thank you Dave, we are having so much fun with the buggy now.
Helen Chidley, Frinton on Sea
Thank you Dave, Henry had an amazing introduction to Kite Boarding and Kite Buggying. He picked up the kiting techniques very quickly with thanks to your expert tuition. See you in the summer!
Sue Breeze, Cambridge