So you’re a competent kiter maybe not Aaron Hadlow yet but you’re safe enough after having Kite surfing lessons, Kite buggy tuition or Stand up paddle board or other classes to get a kite up and flying, maybe take equipment out on the water on your own or with a friend. Whether you’ve had lesson with our recognised BKSA School or another recognised school you’ll just need to show us a level of theoretical and practical knowledge, backed up by your BKSA kiteboarding card, IKO or other cards may also be recognised.

Equipment hire is a great choice if you’re looking to get a bit more experience on different kites before you commit to buying a setup, or maybe your on holiday in Essex and after some Essex based kitesurfing tuition, kiteboarding lessons, kite buggying or stand up paddle board hire.

To Hire equipment you must hold a current personal kiteboarding insurance certificate, you can get this at British Kitesports association page from £28/year.

At PUSH Kiting School we’ve got the full range of equipment for;

  1. Kite buggying
    • Compact Kite buggies
    • Freestyle kite buggies
    • Foil kites in all sizes
    • Helmets
    • Harnesses
  2. Kitesurfing
    • Twin tip kite surf boards
    • Hydrofoil “foil” kiteboards
    • Directional Surf boards
    • LEI Kitesurfing kites from 3 – 18m
    • Wetsuit hire

Please bring a recognised form of ID and bank card when hiring; you are liable for any damage to the equipment and will be charged for breakages or loss of equipment.

Hire kitesurf equipment essex

Equipment Hire Prices per hour- min of 3 hours hire:

  • Full basic kitesurf equipment hire (kite, board, bar & lines, leash, harness, wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid) – £35
  • Full Premium kitesurf equipment hire (kite, board, bar & lines, leash, harness, wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid) – £40
  • Kitesurfing kite hire – £25
  • Kitesurf board hire – beginner board– £15
  • Kitesurf board hire – Premium board– £20
  • Hydrofoil board hire – £40
  • Kite Surfboard hire – £17
  • Premium Kite Surfboard hire – £22
  • Wetsuit / harness hire – £13
  • Full kite landboard/buggy equipment hire (kite, bar & lines, landboard/buggy and helmet) – £30
  • Power/trainer kite hire – £10
  • Buggy/Landboard hire – £20
  • Stand up paddle board hire (board, paddle, wetsuit and buoyancy aid) – £15

n.b. Resale value of kites and boards is largely impacted when any damage is introduced and we make sure we have current years stock where possible so we sell gear each season, any self launching resulting in damage to kites or beach riding on the boards is a common way to cause damage to the equipment and end up with an extra charge, any damage to equipment will be charged as it will financially impact our business.

Time starts the moment you collect equipment, time ends the moment it is returned.  The equipment will be inspected on return.