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Written by Dave
Thursday, 04 March 2010 13:34


 Full lessons can be bought, or Cash amounts to be put towards unspecified tuition, this might include 1:1 sessions or advanced coaching, or group courses too. At PUSH Kiting, all we do is teaching kiting, So whether you want to have a taster Kitesurfing lesson, or have a series of Kite land boarding and kite buggying courses then there is no other school more dedicated than us! We pride ourselves on offering flexibility, friendly instruction and honest advice.

Our Kite sport Vouchers last a whole year so you have plenty of time to use them, and if you want to switch course for another of equal value that is no problem!

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Cash Vouchers

Personalised 1:1 Tuition vouchers

Kite surfing vouchers

Kite landboarding vouchers

Kite Buggy vouchers

Power Kiting vouchers

Cash Vouchers

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Pick and Choose exactly how much you want to give to your friend/relative for their kiting course.

  • £5
    Product £5 voucher Price/Unit 5.00 GBP Qty
  • £10
    Product £10 voucher Price/Unit 10.00 GBP Qty
  • £20
    Product £20 voucher Price/Unit 20.00 GBP Qty
  • £50
    Product £50 voucher Price/Unit 50.00 GBP Qty
  • £100
    Product £100 voucher Price/Unit 100.00 GBP Qty
  • £200
    Product £200 voucher Price/Unit 200.00 GBP Qty


Personalised 1:1 tuition 

1:1 Kite sports tuition

To improve your skills or learn faster whether you want to learn Kitesurfing tricks, take a faster Kitesurfing introductory course  if you have appropriate background knowledge. These courses are also applicable for Kite buggy courses, Kite land board courses and Power kite courses, and will guarantee a 1:1 lesson with a instructor.  Courses are £35/hr for 1:1 and £25/hr pp for 2:1 coaching.  The minimum coaching session is 2 hours.

So if you prefer a faster way to learn than group sessions then pick one of our one to one coaching courses.

1/2Day 1:1 Coaching -  

Product Coaching-half Day Voucher Price/Unit 105.00 GBP Qty

1Day 1:1 Coaching -  

Product Coaching-one Day Voucher Price/Unit 210.00 GBP Qty

Note: Courses are £35/hr for 1:1 coaching, and £25/hr pp for 2:1 coaching. You can buy multiple vouchers and book as many coaching hours as you need. The minimum coaching session is 2 hrs.



Group Kite Vouchers

We have a full selection of Kitesurfing vouchers, Kite buggy, Kite land board and Power kite vouchers. These can be redeemed for Group Kiting courses, which means the person you are buying this for will be in a group with upto 3 other people.

We run Kite surfing taster sessions - 3 hour land based sessions all year round.

Kite surf introductory courses, BKSA Level 1+2 courses Monday to saturday from march - november.

All our power kite courses, Kite buggy & Kite land board courses run all year round.

Kitesurfing Vouchers

Push Kiting - Kitesurfing - David Ursell - Slim chance

1/2 Day taster kitesurf Voucher 

Product Kitesurf-Half Day Voucher Price/Unit 60.00 GBP Qty

1 Day introductory kitesurfing Voucher 

Product Kitesurf-One Day Voucher Price/Unit 100.00 GBP Qty

2 Day introductory kitesurf course 

Product Kitesurf-Two Day Voucher Price/Unit 200.00 GBP Qty


Kite land boarding Vouchers

country file david ursell pro kiteboarder frinton invert

1/2 Day group Kite land board Voucher 

Product Land-half Day Voucher Price/Unit 60.00 GBP Qty

1 Day group Kite land board Voucher 

Product Land-One Day Voucher Price/Unit 100.00 GBP Qty

2 Day group Kite land board Voucher

Product Landboard-Two Day Voucher Price/Unit 200.00 GBP Qty

Kite Buggying Vouchers

Pushkiting.com - Kite buggy - Joe Cooper - Spin

1/2 Day Kitebuggy Voucher  

Product Buggy-half Day Voucher Price/Unit 60.00 GBP Qty

1 Day Kitebuggy Voucher

Product Buggy-One Day Voucher Price/Unit 100.00 GBP Qty

2 Day Kitebuggy Voucher

Product Buggy-Two 2 Day buggy Voucher Price/Unit 200.00 GBP Qty

Power Kiting Vouchers

Power Kite lessons on the east coast

1/2 Day Power kite Voucher  

Product Kite-half Day Voucher Price/Unit 55.00 GBP Qty

1 Day Power kite Voucher  

Product Kite-one Day Voucher Price/Unit 90.00 GBP Qty



Please contact us with any enquiry regarding lessons, Phone or send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

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