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Richard Branson Kitesurfs the channel 1st July 2012 - 3 world records PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave
Thursday, 05 July 2012 14:58

World Record Breaking Kitesurf challenge

Richard Branson wanted to set the world record for the oldest kitesurfer to cross the English Channel, On saturday June 30th 2012 Richard along side friends and family set off from wimereux to land in kent. Unfortunately Richards kite wasnt big enough so on the first day he had to turn back, On day two The PUSH Kiting boys David Ursell, Kris Beech and Andrew Kruszynski along side Craig sparkes, Ryan Austin and Charlie Smith Stepped in to make a second attempt on the Sunday July 1st, We got the job done, not only that but in true PUSH Kiting form we filmed it, we jumped boats, we got big and and board offs, nearly got arrested, opened a shop in the middle of the night to get clothes when we were stranded in france without passports, taken in by a lovely couple, showered, fed, and sat on the sofa watching the Euro 2012 final chilling with our new pal and Record breaker Sir Richard Branson.

Flexifoil, Virgin, The blu and PUSH Kiting teamed up and got the job done.




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+1 #1 Sandra Inggs 2012-07-08 11:21
Me thinks Richard set off on 30th JUNE, not July !! Unless South Africa is a month behind in the time warp :lol:
+1 #2 Leigh Brooksbank 2012-07-08 13:16
Saw you chaps at Frinton on 7/7/12 and took a few pics


....searched for this link got to say...awe inspiring stuff!!!

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