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Flexifoil Force 13.5m 11m 9m and 7m on test!

Flexifoil Force 7m, 9m, 11m, and 13.5m on test.

Flexifoil Force 13.5Full Flexifoil Force Gallery

The Force is the new High performance hybrid kite arriving from flexifoil and my goodness it is a beast! We've had these for a few months now and they have just kept us so excited about each session. There is also brand new..

accessories that are arriving very soon which will really make the whole package sparkle, keep checking Flexifoil for new updates!

The Force has been pushed to the limits because the Flexifoil Proton is such a good all round kite and still boosts, floats and progresses people well, theres no point holding back with the Flexifoil Ion anymore, they would cross over too much. Introducing the all new design of the Flexifoil Force. Straight away on pump up you'll notice that this is a different machine, from the smaller edges, new inflate/deflate valve configuration.shape and depth of the kite and most prominently the Flamboyant design which we all think is spot on!

David Ursell flying high on the Flexifoil force 13.5m UL Flexifoil are the best most solid construction of any kite, it's one of the many reasons I have flown these kites for the last 17yrs, I've had many other brands and nothings ever matched up, The Force carries on this herritage, whilst keeping the weight down and the struts and leading edge smaller than previous kites the canopy and inflated edges are really well protected, If you get a chance to look at one of these take the time to see all the detail that goes into every little bit and you'll wonder how the price point on these kites is still often beating other brands!

When it comes to flying them, I was told by the designer, these kites really do have the force, and my goodness he was right! as a rule I fly all these kites on the end toggle, the loosest setting, and on the high depower mode, this has given me the best boosting characteristics of any setup, but as usual there are customisable options if you don't want to ride like I do.

If you've flown the Ions you will recognise the feel of the kite, but you will have to relearn the exact workings of the kite, it took me a few hours to get completely dialed in to it, but once I had I was boosting higher on the 13.5 than the 14.5m Ion, and I was getting a lot more hangtime to boot! 

The Turning rate has also been increased, the Ions have always been a 

Kris Beech Riding the Flexifoil force

good turning kite which will loop and turn quick, but the Force drives through the turns and pushes its way through the sky.

Infact the Kite spends the whole time pushing its was through the sky, I likened it on the first day to a dog on a leash just pulling the whole time, this kite just wants to drive! I thought this would make it a little to quick in the air when wanting a more parked kite, but infact the float isn't hindered at all, PUSH Kiting team rider and instructor Kris beach flew this kite a lot, one particular session stands out as he jumped and started a rotation at the seafront side of frinton on sea, through the second rotation he was passing over my head and by the time he was into the third rotation he was trying to stop his spin and work out how he could land earlier than the kite wanted him to because pretty soon he'd be flying over the road! This happened about 4 times in a row, he just kept on flying.

I have always been a fan of big kites and max power, and I can hold down a lot because I eat all the pies, but it seems that Kris was optimal on the 11m at 11 stone, and at 13.5 stone I am most suited to the 13.5m for our standard sessions.

I have heard of other riders saying they've stepped down a size, or comparatively been on smaller kites to friends flying at the same time.

The Force is completed with all the nice little touches you'd expect, also this time both central valves when opened will release air to make pack down a bit quicker.

We've been getting some video of these kites in action and will post a video soon.

We'll be receiving the whole set this week and will get more pics up and video as soon as the rain stops. Also this means if you want to try these out then come book a Kite boarding lesson or Kitesurfing lesson in essex with David Ursell or Kris Beech and you can try out all the sizes!

For your chance to Win a brand new Flexifoil Force head over to Flexifoil's Facebook page now!

Cheers, David Ursell, Senior instructor

Thanks to my sponsors Flexifoil, Edgeriders and MBS



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Come on Dave. Please get a new video out. They are always super amazing.

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