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Windy Licious - A Kiteboarding Diary

 Windy Licious - A Kiteboarding Diary

This is a look at our kiteboarding over the last 18months, basically since I became a dad we've still been filming but not really had the time to put as much out, so you'll be seeing more PUSH Kiting extreme(ly silly) videos coming soon, This one features a whole bunch of our friends including the Super Kite Day founder Abe, it was great to see him at our kiteboarding home spot in Essex with some of the Kite Freak guys down at the same time! Abe learnt to kiteloop on an LEI aj's going big on his handle passes and loops, I throw in a board mosis right at the start of this one, a front roll with a board throw and catch behind the back with the same hand. This is just us having fun playing with kites and I hope it inspires you to get your kite out and go have some fun too, or even come ride with us!

We run kiteboarding lessons in Essex as well as Kitesurfing, Kite buggy lessons and tuition at any level you need, so if this is the first you've seen of these type of sports be sure to get in contact with us or your local BKSA approved school and get some lessons, Kiting can be dangerous and painful without knowledge!


9m Hadlow Pro complete brand new for sale

Brand new 9m Flexifoil Hadlow pro kite for sale, complete with all lines for 4 and 5 line set up. This is the current model Flexifoil Hadlow pro model kite, I have set it up for flight but never actually used it.

I have put a huge number of photos up on the website showing the condition of the kite, please have a browse through.


£1049 RRP, selling for £749 + optional postage if you can't collect.


flexifoil hadlow 9m 001flexifoil hadlow 9m 4 20140716 1779143397

flexifoil hadlow 9m 24

Flexifoil Sky Bar - New 2014 Flexifoil Kitesurfing Bar

New Flexifoil LEI Bar for 2014

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, Its been in R&D for a while to get this bar just right, Improved flag out, swivel capabilities, bar grip with a whole new design, and keeping all the fabulous elements of the previous all in one bar, inluding its stream lined non clutter approach to kite handling, with everything you need at your finger tips, including closer pull pull safety system and shorter distance between the bar and chicken loop, meaning you feel more directly in control of the kite with everything that much closer to you as you ride.

flexifoil sky bar 1 2014

flexifoil sky bar 2 2014

A Frosty Winters Kitesurf in Essex

Kitesurfing in Essex is always a pleasure during the summer however as winter rolls on we often sit back with a cup of tea, pop the slippers on and flick some channels. Kitesurfing Instructor Paul Hepworth and Myself, Dave braved the frosty waters yesterday, We had a combination of strategies to counter the cold weather, Paul Dived in with a Pyscho 3 wetsuit and a dry suit over the top, I chose some nice warm Flexifoil Clothing with the always epic ION Fuse Drysuit. 

Winter Kitesurfing


It took a while to pluck up the courage as we stepped out of the vans into the icey blast of a northerly wind firing down the English Channel straight through our jeans and making your knees rattle but we only had two choices, be epic or go home and be lame.


After a late 4:15 start we were racing to get out before the sun set, but we were rewarded with a fantasticly boosty session and sets as nice as they come at frinton with water being pulled flat inbetween, the perfect combination for some big floaty airs, Paul was out on the 11m Force, and I was on the 13.5m Force.

kitesurfing near cambridge

After the initial shock of the chill we blasted out to sea trying to avoid the bracing splash with subsequent wind chill hitting us in the face and found on our return we were storming up wind which left us with lots of room to boost down wind. We both got a little too excited and carried away leading to some big crashed and some headache inducing flush throughs, ah, I do exagerate, once our cores were up to temperature even dipping under the water wasnt too bad. 

Night time winters surf

Check out the full gallery by clicking on one of the pictures, out of 3700 photos I took from the camera on this session, I hope I picked the nicest dozen! almost all the rest were out of focus :)

If you fancy learning to kitesurf call or e-mail for more details

Dave Ursell, Senior Instructor.

Stand Up paddle boarding in Essex

For all those water lovers out there, Kitesurfing is a beautiful sport but it is a waiting game.

Stand Up Paddle boarding is a peaceful and energetic at the same time, a lot less extreme than power kiting and kitesurfing, it enables you to explore water ways with a very different perspective to your usual experiences.Seal barking at Graham SUP'ing











If you fancy trying SUP'ing, we'll shortly be receiving our new fleet of Circle one Stand up paddle boards, So come along and have a go!

Heres some pictures of our latest outings!

stand up paddle boarding experience with seals in essex

To come along and try This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it send us an e-mail today!

Professional kiteboarding near london

kiteboarding near london 27 20131004 1871160886After nearly 18yrs of kiteboarding and nearly a decade of teaching kiteboarding and kitesurfing lessons near london we still LOVE this sport!
We've been waiting so long for good wind, It seems this summer just hasnt wanted to arrive with the usual flurry of Southerly winds that we so crave as kiteboarders on the east coast of england, This week however has been a real turning point as far as kite boarders are concerned, with fantastic onshore SE winds and Southerly winds forecast today we've had some really special sessions, steeling time away from work and we've had our enthusiasm for thekiteboarding near london 24 20131004 1005433191
sport boosted as high as ever. These special conditions have given way to some of the more extreme kiteboarding that we in Frinton are so well known for and I am writing this very quickly as I will be heading down to our local spot in a few minutes to get out the Flexifoil Force 13.5m and for one of the first times this year really push the limits of what our power kite flying is all about!

Check out the entire Kiteboarding gallery here, and if you fancy a go, E-mail or Call us for any details not on the website :)


Dave Ursell - Head instructor