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Written by Dave
Monday, 06 June 2011 15:55

David Ursell a professional kiteboarder in essex is one of the top Kiteboarders in the country, which puts PUSH Kiting Kitesurfing school, kiteboarding,David Ursell pro kiteboarding essex kitesurfing lessons clacton on sea  kite buggy and power kite school in a very unique position, being able to ride for the top Kite manufacturer Flexifoil means we only use the highest quality kites to teach you kitesurfing in essex.

Flexifoil invented the first 2 line controllable and stackable power kites in 1972. Flexifoil Kites have lead the way ever since.

Here is a selection of the equipment we currently use to teach, it is updated constantly to ensure we only use the most up to date kites available.

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We use the:

KITES -Updated each year

-New Flexifoil Proton , which is a fantastic progression from an already outstanding Proton released last year, with the same solid trust worthy build, amazing flying characteristics, it has now improved ease of use and relaunch to be a perfect all round introduction kite!

-New Flexifoil Ion , this is the ultimate lift, power and float machine, with amazing performance to match any kite on the market but with a user friendly edge that most kites miss this kite can take you futher than any other with a more solid build and instill more confidence with ease!

-New Flexifoil hadlow pro, If your looking for a top of the line kite with the fastest controls on the market, the most effecient power, the fastest turn and supreme drive then come try out one of these machines! They are outstanding kites and quite frequently the 13m pictured here gets mistaken for a 9m, not because of its size, but the speed at which is moves and turns.

-New Flexifoil Blade  - The latest generation of the world famous power house fixed bridel foil. With incredible lift, and now utilising the adjustable bridle - supreme wind range.

-Flexifoil Blurr - These are incredibly smooth, fast precision kites that drive through the window, respond to every millimeter movement on the control bar.

-Flexifoil rage - Perfect beginner kites, smooth, direct, easy to use and confidence building. These are the best introduction to traction kites available. Perfect for landboarding, buggying or learning how to use a kite for traction.

-Flexifoil Sting - The perfect begginer 4 line kite, not too much power, not too much lift, just enough to get the adrenaline pumping no matter what age you are!

-Flexifoil Buzz - The best introduction to power kiting, 2 lines of awesomeness whether you are 4yrs old or 84yrs old.



- Flexifoil Hooligan Pro - The perfect confidence inspiring freestyle board.

- Large twin tips - We have a large selection of twin tip boards to allow us to kitesurf in all possible conditions.

- Directional surf boards - We hold a selection of directional surf boards to teach wave riding, jibing, toeside riding and other advanced techniques.


- We hold a selection of the most upto date and best MBS landboards for kiting at all abilities and all possible wind condition.

- We also hold a selection of kite buggies.


We have a large selection of:

-Helmets - both water and land 

-Harnesses - both water and land, waist and seat to fit all sizes

-Wetsuits - for all sizes

-Buoyancy aids




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