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Kite Landboarding Lessons

Kite Landboarding with PUSH Kiting in Essex on the East Coast

As seen on BBC's CountryFile programme, DevinSuperTramps channel, Blackberry and more, our kite land boarding has spanned the globe!  Our Land Kiteboarding lessons are available ALL year round, and are taught by the Globally recognised PUSH Kiting Profesional Landboard Team.  See our PUSH Kiting videos in the video gallery, but don't worry these lessons cater from beginner to advanced, 1 to 1 lessons to group lessons, this is the perfect activity for someone who wants to feel the power and adrenaline of a kite without getting wet (unless it is raining!)

The Perfect activity for you alone or a group of friends on a Stag or Hen!

- Please see below for more details and calender, but remember contact us for the latest lesson availability and schedules!

Land Kiteboarding on the East coast





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Landboarding taster lesson - £50



Kite boarding lessons in Essex near suffolk


1/2 Day Kite Landboarding Lesson - £60



Kite Landboarding on the East Coast


1 Day Kite Landboarding lesson - £100



Kite Boarding on Land in Essex


2 Day Landboarding lesson - £200



PUSHKiting Land Kiteboarding lessons in Suffolk


Customised coaching - From £25 per hour


All lessons are taught by a qualified IKO/ BKSA instructor.

The costs shown below include hire of all equipment required for kite landboard lessons. You can also recieve an IKO card showing the level of kiteboarding competency achieved at the end of the lesson.


Kite Land Boarding David Ursell


Half day Kite boarding Course

  • Week day - £60
  • Weekend - £70

This group lesson is ideal for people who want to experience the thrill of kite land boarding but are unsure if kite boarding is right for them. This course is also a good activity to do for group activity days or work outings.This 3 hour power kiting course will give you the experience you need to make up your mind. We are sure by the end of this course you will want to take your skills further.

This course will include:

  • Foil kite flying
  • Location selection/safety
  • Kite setup
  • Kite safety
  • Kite & wind theory
  • Kite skills on land
  • Kite landboarding

The average student should achive IKO level 1B by the end of this course.





One Day Kiteboardingcourse

  • Weekday Kite boarding course £100
  • Weekend Kite boarding lesson £110

This group course is your first steps into the kite landboarding world. We will show you how to control a powerful kite with ease, and start to build th e skills you need to control the kite as well as a landboard in unison.

This couse will include all of the aspects of the half day course as well as:

  • Power stroke
  • Advanced kite controls on handles and bars
  • Kite relanch
  • Speed and direction control
  • Weather awareness
  • Site selection and safety awareness
  • More Kite Landboarding

The average student should achive IKO level 1E - 2F by the end of this course.

Kite land boarding David Ursell






Two day Course - £200

  • Weekday two day kiteboarding course £200

  • Weekend two day kiteboarding course £220

The course builds on your knowledge from the one day course. You will experience a kite with more power and further your control. Most people will achieve a good level of kiteboarding. By the end of this course you should be at a level where you will be able to practice safely.

This course includes all aspects of the one day course as well as:

  • Speed control theory
  • Balance and body positioning
  • Edging and upwind skills
  • Rules of the land
  • Further advanced kite manouvers
  • Kite pack down and kit maintance
  • Kit selection and advice

The average student should achive IKO level 2G to I by the end of this course.


Private & Custom Kite land boarding lessons


  • Weekday Custom Kite land board lesson 1 2 1 tuition - £35/hr : 2 people £25pp /hr
  • Weekend Custom Kite land board lesson 1 2 1 tuition - £40/hr : 2 people £30pp /hr

This way of learning is by far the fastest way to learn exactly what you need, with the instructor dedicating themselves to your goals. If you prefer to learn on your own from the start or wish to progress your skills, e.g. riding upwind, carving or fancy learning new tricks in the safest way then one to one tuition is for you.