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Kitesurfing Lessons in Essex

kite surfing lessons essex uk

PUSH Kiting Kitesurfing lessons in Essex 

Kite surfing lessons in Essex near Suffolk, only 1 hr from London. There is a wide range of Kite surfing lessons available at PUSH Kiting. Beginner kitesurf courses from 1/2 day taster, 1 day, 2 day or 3 day kitesurf courses to suit your needs,   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us for the latest availability or check our calender, We can always arange a specific day at your request. Our kitesurf Calender shows group course bookings, and a few private courses. Get in touch to organise your private kitesurf tuition or group kiteboarding lesson for almost any day.

We also run private custom Kitesurfing courses in Clacton on sea, Essex, for those who want private or advanced Kitesurfing lessons.


kite surfing lessons essex uk kitesurf taster course 2015


Kitesurfing taster - £50 



Push Kiting - Kitesurfing - Lessons in Suffolk


1/2 Day Kitesurf course - £60



kite surfing lessons essex uk 2015


1 Day kitesurfing course - £100 



Push Kiting - Kitesurfing - Lessons on east coast


2 Day kitesurfing course - £200



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Customised coaching - from £25 per hour


Advanced kitesurf lessons from Coach kitesurfing Essex 2015

Advanced/Private coaching with David

Ursell - from £35/hr




All kitesurfing lessons taught by BKSA Qualified Instructors : All costs include hire of all equipment : You will also recieve an BKSA card once trained.




Kitesurfing taster course in Essex

Weekday Taster £50

Weekend Kitesurfing Taster £60

Fancy trying kitesurfing but unsure about exactly whether its for you or not? This 2 hour cours will give you a real insight into the first steps of power kite flying and guide you through the complex but achievable manouvers!

Why not let one of the UK's top kiteboarders show you the ropes and specifically request Dave to teach you exactly how to fly a kite and whats involved in kitesurfing.

Call 07736052967 or E-mail to get your Kitesurf taster course booked in, you can book courses any day of the year and from morning to evening. we work all hours the wind blows!

Once you've experienced kite flying you will be hooked, this is a land based course.

Up to 6 people can join these courses, they can be scheduled for any day to suit you with advanced notice. If you wish to have a private kitesurf lesson check out our Custom / Private kitesurfing tuition

Half Day Kitesurfing Introduction Course in Essex

Weekday Kitesurfing £60

Weekend Kitesurfing £70

This lesson is ideal for people who want to experience the thrill of kitesurfing but are unsure if kitesurfing is right for them. In this course you will learn a more comprehensive skill set than in the Kitesurfing Taster session by working on your power kite skill set to a higher level of proficiency, you will also be exposed to much more of the theory behind kiting.

This course is also a good activity to do for group activity days or work outings.This 3 hour land based power kiting course will give you the experience you need to make up your mind. We are sure by the end of this course you will want to take your skills further. 

  • Foil kite flying
  • Location selection/safety
  • Kite setup
  • Kite safety
  • Kite & wind theory
  • Kite skills on land

See the Diary for lessons already published or ring us for alternate availability.

The average student should achieve BKSA level 1 by the end of this course.

Buy a voucher for half day kitesurfing lesson here
Product Kitesurf-Half Day Voucher Price/Unit 60.00 GBP Qty


One Day Kite surf course in Essex

Weekday Kitesurfing Lesson - £100

Weekend Kitesurfing Lesson - £110

This course is your first steps into the kitesurf world. We will show you how to control a powerful kite with ease, and start to build the skills you need to surf through the water safely and with confidence. This couse will include all of the aspects of the half day course as well as:

  • Set up of a water kite
  • Body dragging down and up wind
  • Kite relanch
  • Deep water pack down and self rescue
  • Weather awareness
  • Site selection and safety awareness

The average student should achieve BKSA Level 1-2 by the end of this course.

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Product Kitesurf-One Day Voucher Price/Unit 100.00 GBP Qty

See the Diary for lessons already published or ring us for alternate availability.

TwoDay Kitesurfing course 

Week day Price - £200

Weekend Price - £220

The course builds on your knowledge from the one day course. You will experience a kite with more power and further your control. Most people will achieve some level of kitesurfing. By the end of this course you should be at a level where you will be able to practice safely.

This course includes all aspects of the one day course as well as:

  • Water start theory
  • Surfing theory
  • Edging and upwind skills
  • Rules of the water
  • Advanced kite manouvers
  • Kite pack down and kit maintance
  • Kit selection and advice

The average student should achieve BKSA level 2 by the end of this course.


Buy your two day kitesurfing lesson voucher  here

Product Kitesurf-Two Day Voucher Price/Unit 200.00 GBP Qty

See the Diary for lessons already published or ring us for alternate availability.



Customised Coaching 

Price: £40/hr or 2 people at £30pp /hr


This way of learning is by far the fastest way to learn exactly what you need, with the instructor dedicating themselves to your goals. If you prefer to learn on your own from the start or wish to progress your skills, e.g. riding upwind, carving or fancy learning new tricks in the safest way then one to one tuition is for you.

Lessons come in all shapes and sizes: 

  • Learn to kite surf from scratch on your own in personalised lessons with your own instructor!
  • How to Kite loop
  • How to Jump
  • How to get up going on a kite board
  • How to ride up wind
  • How to carve
  • How to ride down wind
  • How to edge and pop
The list is virtually endless, but rest assured, if you want it, We've got it!

Advanced/Custom Tuition with David Ursell

£45/hr 1:1 or 35/hr 2:1

Have you already learnt how to kite but want to take it to the next level?!

Dave has the knowledge to improve your riding from what ever level you are at to become a super awesome kiter, are you crashing a trick over and over again, not getting the toe side carving manouver just right or want to learn how to land jumps smoother then Dave's your man. He's been featured on BBC, Virgin, The One show and many more and has been watched by millions on you tube! Dave is Also the highest level Kite sports instructor in the UK!


Please Ring us or send us an E-mail with your required lessons, your current level, and what you hope to achieve. We can get you there!