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How to book your Kite lesson with PUSH Kiting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 23:56

How to book your Kite lesson with PUSH Kiting in Essex

1. WHATDecide what lesson type you are after, if you are unsure, we're always very happy to talk about kiting! e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call 07736052967.

2. WHENChoose a few dates your free and contact us directly for latest availability.  (Our Diary gives guide lines of some of the possible lessons we can run, and some lessons that are already booked in. It is not a deffinitive guide!)

         N.B. We run our school 6-7 days a week all year so as long as you call early enough we can teach on almost date.

3.  HOWDownload our PUSH Kiting Welcome pack here which has a guide to how to pay us, how we run kitesurfing and kite boarding, kite buggy lessons, and general useful info about the day too.


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We look forward to seeing you soon!



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Written by Dave
Tuesday, 18 October 2011 09:14

Kiteboarding and surfing at frinton on sea.

Martika bearns kite boarderWe've been kiting at frinton since 1995, kiteboarding, kite surfing, kite buggying and power kiting. Frinton on sea has a lovely but tiny spot to use. It is a lovely location with a traditional village surround, some lovely architechture and 5 star rated public toilets! Frinton greensward and frinton beach are not "kite boarding and kitesurfing locations" to the exclusion of other activities, as most of the kiters at frinton live in frinton and are keen to protect the traditional ways, cleanliness and open activities for all that make frinton such a wonderful place we have our own code of conduct which we hope will keep everyone safe, let everyone enjoy participating in and watching kite sports, and keep the good reputation of frinton.

Frinton kiters code of conduct:

-Kite safely, with the highest regard for other people - non kiters wont know where they should stand when talking or watching you so always make sure they are safe by moving yourself or explaining to them.

-No priority, Frinton is not a kiting specific spot, but a beautiful location we are privilaged to use with everyone else. When the greensward is full as it gets during many summer weekends, dont fly unless you have room. Come back when people have left. This is typically only during the summer months and the hotest weekends, at which point we don our swimming costumes and join the fun.

-Right of way - When kiting has finished as frinton kiters we put our kites down in as few locations as possible rather than spread all over the greensward, this allows the many cyclists, dog walkers and families to come and look at the kites as many do, and walk along the green with out having to negotiate them.

-Cleanliness  - Always pick up and litter and tell everyone else too aswell, We love frinton for what it is, Clean, Traditional, Open, we want it to stay like this so everyone can enjoy it! leave frinton the way you found it, and if you see people making a mess tell them the same.

-Others will be added.

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Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding lessons clacton on sea PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 08:43

Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding lessons Clacton on sea, Essex, London. Beginner to Advanced. Private or group Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding lessons.Kitesurfing lessons FAQ with PUSH Kiting

PUSH Kiting School, teaches Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding lessons in clacton on sea on a daily basis, heres the info you need!

Q: Is everything supplied for my Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding lesson?    A: Yes, everything you need for all kite sports lessons is supplied.

Q: What happens if the Kitesurf lesson is cancelled due to bad weather?    A: We Reschedule your kitesurfing course at no extra cost!

Q: Where will we be Kitesurfing in essex?     A: We run most of our Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding lessons at clacton on sea in essex, just 1Hrs drive from london.

Q: What do I need to bring to my Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding lessons?     A: Sun glasses, Sun cream, weather proof clothes, swim suit (if your borrowing a wetsuit), Pack lunch/ refreshments and snacks.

Q: When will my kitesurfing, kiteboarding lesson begin?    A: This depends on what day we run the kitesurfing lesson, and may need to be altered slightly due to weather conditions so make sure to check a few days before, call us to find out. 

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