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Written by Dave
Saturday, 08 June 2013 10:44

Adventure Kitesurfing in Essex near London

Kitesurfing adventure

Well Kitesurfing is an extreme sport but its great to mix it up every now and then, we always try to push our limits or go on as many adventures as we can. Yesterday turned out to be the perfect day for a trip i've wanted to make for years.

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Original pic of the Old Gunfleet lighthouse

On the Horizon from Frinton on sea you can just see a small spec which looks very insignificant from the shore line, its about 6.5 miles out to sea, just beyond the gunfleet wind farm. Its a beautiful structure built in the 1850's its a iron screw pile contruction  which stands 74ft high and contains in its hexagonal layout a living room,bedroom, kitchen, washroom and store room. This lighthouse was in working order until 1920 when the light and fog bell were both removed.




In 1974 the Pirate radio station Atlantis tryied to board and accomodate the light house but were thwarted by the

Royal marine commandos.

Now its only use is as a weather station, When we surfed around the light house yesterday you can see the weather station equipment and the solar panels powering and transmitting.




Paul Hepworth my good friend and Kitesurfing instructor and Myself set off yesterday evening after waiting for the right tide. The wind was a great direction and the sun was shining, its a great adventure surfing through the different type of waves. from the broken choppy waves close to shore which we so often ride, moving onto big swell 15ft high and not being able to see Paul though I knew he was just 40ft away behind only one wave. As we got further towards the light house there is a section of very shallow water which is incredibly flat which perfect kickers every 20ft and drawing the water flat inbetween. Open water Kitesurfing training lessons


Another interesting point paul realised is the the waves had changed direction completely flowing over this land mass. It does produce some great riding conditions, however at 5 miles out to sea, dropping, tangling or breaking a kite by messing around would be a very bad situation so we didnt play too much!


Kite boarding at frinton on sea
The trip took about 50minutes of riding as fast as our legs could manage, its great to see the structure up close. The ground does completely dry up on a spring tide but we didnt wait to see as we had both got time restraints and neither of us had a watch to check how long it had taken us.


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If you fancy learning how to kitesurf, kiteboard, kite buggy or fly power kites give us a call or send us a mail!

Happy Kiting.

David Ursell BSc Hons - Senior Instructor.

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0 #1 Kev Woods 2013-06-11 11:48
Great story and pictures.
I love these little, unforgotten relics.
One day I would love to go scuba diving in the original Walton town.

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