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Brand new kitesurfing kites for sale, discounted kitesurfing kites!
Written by David Tablet Ursell
Wednesday, 21 January 2015 16:44

We have 3 brand new Kites for sale!!flexifoil force kites for sale

Complete Flexifoil Force 13.5m rrp £1395. Sale £845
Complete Flexifoil Force 11m rrp £1345 Sale £820

Complete Flexifoil Force 9m rrp £1235 - sale £765

flexifoil sky bar in stock for sale
All of these kites come with the new SKY bar from flexifoil! The new forces haven't left their bags and come with brand new unopened bars!

Second hand Kite 7m Flexifoil Ion 5 complete - £578 or 416 Kite only

Flexifoil Ion 5 for salered flexifoil ion 5 for salered flexifoil ion for sale in great condition

Pictutres show the used kite, in great condition!

Windy Licious - A Kiteboarding Diary
Written by Dave
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 15:22

 Windy Licious - A Kiteboarding Diary

This is a look at our kiteboarding over the last 18months, basically since I became a dad we've still been filming but not really had the time to put as much out, so you'll be seeing more PUSH Kiting extreme(ly silly) videos coming soon, This one features a whole bunch of our friends including the Super Kite Day founder Abe, it was great to see him at our kiteboarding home spot in Essex with some of the Kite Freak guys down at the same time! Abe learnt to kiteloop on an LEI aj's going big on his handle passes and loops, I throw in a board mosis right at the start of this one, a front roll with a board throw and catch behind the back with the same hand. This is just us having fun playing with kites and I hope it inspires you to get your kite out and go have some fun too, or even come ride with us!

We run kiteboarding lessons in Essex as well as Kitesurfing, Kite buggy lessons and tuition at any level you need, so if this is the first you've seen of these type of sports be sure to get in contact with us or your local BKSA approved school and get some lessons, Kiting can be dangerous and painful without knowledge!


Lewis Wilby new pro kite land board site and video!
Written by David Tablet Ursell
Saturday, 20 September 2014 09:20

Lewis Wilby is at the highest level of Kite land boarding and he's just created a great new website www.lewiswilby.com too.

Check out his new website and all the archive videos, which was timed with the release of his new video "The Cronix Session" which as described is Lewis playing with his new flysurfer cronix kite, Lewis and all of us are looking forward to him receiving all his new kites as they'll enable lewis to do some crazy things and ofcourse we'll all have to steal his kit and test it too :)

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Theres been a large shuffle up with the Kite land boarders from Flexifoil and sponsors so expect to see more videos coming very soon :)

Kite Land boarding in Aruba
Written by David Tablet Ursell
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 22:24

pro kite land boarder in ArubaHi I'm Dave from PUSH Kiting, One cold wet miserable thursday night at about 8pm I got a call, asking if I wanted to star in a new kite boarding movie shot by the amazing Devin Super Tramp team, I'd been contacted as I'm a professional kiteboarder/kite land boarder. Due to the circumstances I was asked If I could leave for the Caribbean the very next morning, Ofcourse I said Yes! being a once in a life time opotunity there was no way I could turn it down. So the next morning I was driving to the airport with fellow kitesurfing instructor Paul Hepworth who also runs kitesurfing, kite land boarding and kite buggy lessons in our school. On route to london to make the flight time we were still trying to find out which airport to head to as the flights had been booked but the only information we had was departure time and it was a london airport, luckily as we made neared the M25 we got confirmation that it was Gatwick Airport and about 30 minutes from Gatwick we found out we were to be flying with friends of PUSH Kiting, Virgin atlantic airlines, although we didnt get a free upgrade to first class they did get me a great extended comfort isle all to myself :)

On arrival to the airport with 30 minutes left to go before check in closed I was asked for my permit/temporary visa to enter the US for more than 8 hours, to which I remarked I didnt think I needed one as I should be going to the caribbean, I was dressed and has bought uk kite land boarders
with me pretty much a wardrobe of shorts and t shirts. After a mad panic and a very understanding wife completing the VISA online for me as internet cafes in london gatwick SUCK! I was able to get on the plane which took me straight to the icey cold freak weather system that was covering new york, before I had to make two more flights via Atlanta to eventually end up in Aruba. So I spent 8 hours huddled with all my luggage in newark airport hoping that no one was going to mug me, kill me or even steal all my kit, Of which I had far too many (total bagage included 5LEI's, 2 bars, 2 land board, 1 surf board, 2 harnesses, 2 pumps, repair kits, clothing for the week, slr camera and lenses, go pro camera and accessories just to mention the basics).

I arrived in Aruba to increbily hot winds blasting me in the face and the smile of a local called Apachi, and this is when my kiting adventure began, Check out the video now, share the love and spread the word, If you want to try kite land boarding then please come and visit us, you can request lessons specifically with myself or my other instructors.